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"How to find a good home decoration company? Is it a regular decoration company or a decoration guerrilla? Is it an introduction from an acquaintance or a slow investigation by oneself?" Decoration how to find a reliable home decoration company, many people have no bottom in their hearts. Therefore, online decoration bidding platforms such as Wuhan home decoration network have gradually become popular in the industry in recent years

according to Xiaobian, at least 70% of owners in Wuhan choose decoration companies by participating in "free decoration bidding". Online bidding can not only save owners the time and experience of visiting home decoration companies everywhere in the cold wind. The most critical thing is that when the owners' bidding is successful, they can not only easily choose the most reliable home decoration company in Wuhan, but also get free home decoration supervision and other services, which saves time and effort, and home decoration can be more guaranteed

owner experience: online bidding is more intimate than small cotton padded jacket

"turn on the computer and enter the website of Wuhan home improvement website:, I filled in my decoration information in the "decoration bidding" column, and soon after submitting it, a text message was sent to my mobile phone. Soon, the customer service staff of Wuhan home decoration network had contacted me, and recommended threeorfour Wuhan front-line decoration companies for me, as well as free door-to-door room measurement and design drawings. You can find a home decoration company when you are under the quilt in cold weather. It's really more intimate than a small cotton padded jacket. " Ms. fan, the owner of Wuchang who just participated in the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network, said like the editor of Wuhan home decoration network

is online decoration bidding really so magical? With such questions, Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian will take you to reflect the following so-called online decoration bidding in the end is how to operate it

the editor of the "decoration bidding" column of Wuhan home decoration website saw that many Wuhan owners submitted information on the house type and design idea of their houses to be decorated, and then many decoration companies and designers "bid" to respond. There are also many questions asked by the owners and the answers of customer service, which are convenient for the owners to choose the decoration company

Xiaobian only spent 1 minute in the decoration bidding column to fill in his own decoration needs, and then three minutes later received a call from the customer service of Wuhan home decoration network, asked about the specific decoration situation of Xiaobian, recommended three decoration companies according to the needs of Xiaobian, and discussed with Xiaobian the door-to-door room measurement time of the three companies, which was consistent with what was written on the website

people are getting busier and busier, and online decoration is imperative.

the arrival of the information age means that we have an inseparable connection with the network. Clothes can be Taobao, appliances can be on, and home decoration can also be on Wuhan home decoration network. According to the survey of Xiaobian data, with 80 gradually becoming the main force in the home decoration market, online bidding is more in line with their psychological requirements, First, the busy working people can save a lot of time for them through the Wuhan home decoration network decoration bidding. There is no need to go to the decoration company in person to inquire and compare the time and energy. Secondly, online bidding can quickly "shop around" and talk about the price as "psychological position", so as to save the budget and make the decoration in place in one step

there are many online bidding guarantees, and there is no need to worry about being cheated.

"the budget of online bidding is indeed 30% cheaper than that of going to physical home decoration companies, and the online supervision function is very powerful, so you can see the evaluation and experience of many owners. "Ms. Luo, the owner who has experienced the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network, said that Ms. Luo also successfully signed a Wuhan home decoration company through the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network.

Wuhan home decoration network first launched the one-stop service of" online selection of decoration companies and offline public welfare supervision "in 2006. The whole decoration bidding service is free. After the owner issues the bidding, Wuhan home decoration network provides the following free services: before signing the contract - bidding of three VIP decoration companies free on-site room measurement, design, budget free budget review. After signing the contract - free hydropower project supervision/home decoration consultant full service/complaint acceptance, which fully protects the interests of Jiangcheng owners

editor's comments: because the owner has the right to choose on the Internet, the buyer's weak position has been reversed. Through the principle of comparing goods in the bidding and getting the lowest price, the possible phenomenon of inflated budget in the decoration process has been avoided, thereby saving a lot of expenses in the decoration. In addition, many decoration companies bidding online for Wuhan home decoration have paid the decoration deposit. If the owners encounter construction quality problems during the later decoration, they can obtain compensation in advance. [sign up for decoration bidding]




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