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Today, we will interpret the strategy of Yacai doors and windows, how to survive in the cruel market competition and have a place

it has been more than 20 years since the beginning of China's aluminum alloy door and window market, which has experienced the rising sun period and now comes to the stable period. Some enterprises in the industry have expanded their production from small workshops to franchised stores all over the country, and some enterprises failed to keep up with the pace of the market and were ruthlessly eliminated in this period of reshuffle. In this clear-cut situation, the enterprises that can survive and stay must have their reasons for existence, and they are also the real strong ones with certain strength

today, we will interpret with the strategy of Asia wood doors and windows how to survive in the cruel market competition and have a place. As the leader in the brand industry of aluminum alloy doors and windows in China, the reason why it is widely recognized by the market is to start with several characteristics of the enterprise

1. In the aluminum alloy door and window industry, the quality of products has always been reflected as the core competitiveness of enterprises. From a general perspective, metal doors and windows should be strong and durable as the goal, so the quality also directly affects people's direct cognition of this brand. For sub materials, the manufacturing of products requires not only first-class R & D technology, but also the use of high-quality profiles. That is, every small step in the manufacturing process is strictly controlled and meticulous

the profiles used for sub material doors and windows are high-precision silicon magnesium aluminum profiles. The military quality has passed the certification of the national weapons and equipment quality management system. This type of material is often used as aerospace materials. The super sealed tempered insulating glass produced by the most advanced production equipment in the world, through a variety of surface treatment processes, has wind pressure resistance, water tightness and air tightness several times higher than ordinary glass, and its overall heat insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance and other properties are much higher than those of the same industry. Moreover, the materials selected for the doors and windows of Asiatic materials are green environmental protection profiles, so as to ensure the health of consumers and do their part for environmental problems

2. As an experiential consumer product, the service requirements of aluminum alloy door and window industry are also very high. In the heart of Yacai people, they not only want to make a good product, but also want to create a better living space for people and improve the quality of life. Therefore, the service of Yacai doors and windows is extremely considerate and one-stop service. When consumers are interested, provide them with free consultation and comprehensive information and data, and be transparent to consumers. After that, free door-to-door measurement, and according to the requirements of customers, put forward the design scheme. Then to the final delivery, installation, quality assurance and maintenance, the consumers of Asia material group thought of it

3. Only an excellent team can seriously implement the decisions of the enterprise. From the innovation and development of the R & D team, to the rigor and seriousness of the production team, and finally to the pre-sales and after-sales services of the sales team. Each structure is linked, and if there is a problem, the whole enterprise chain cannot achieve good results. Yacai doors and windows encourages employees to practice innovation, and rewards employees who work hard. Sales and service personnel should also smile and consider everything from the perspective of consumers. It is such a group that is strict with itself and faces customers with a smile, which has created the noble family business of Asia wood doors and windows

in fact, if an enterprise wants to succeed, it needs to do more than these. In many unimaginable places, there are Yacai people working hard. As always, asima will maintain its fine tradition, develop more new technologies, manufacture more good doors and windows, and provide more considerate services. The future of Chinese aluminum alloy door and window brand asima will be better




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