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A group of consumers who signed the bill in the peak decoration season in spring, nearly half of the project is now or is about to end. Recently, many home decoration households have complained about the serious problem of home decoration additions. Both traditional home decoration and Internet home decoration have become the objects of roast. A common means is that home decoration enterprises first attract consumers to sign decoration contracts at a low price, and then start asking for additional items in the middle of the construction. If consumers do not pay, workers will stop work. It can be said that decoration additions have always been widely criticized, which is a problem that consumers cannot prevent

decoration is a construction project involving a wide range of contents and complex and trivial processes. Due to differences in housing structure and consumer needs, engineering changes are inevitable in the construction process, which is easy to cause additional items. It is normal to have additional items. The key is to see whether these additional items are reasonable

◆ reasons for additional items in decoration

in terms of market conditions, there are basically two reasons for additional items in decoration, one is caused by the owner himself; The other is caused by home decoration companies. During the decoration process, the owner temporarily changes his mind, such as moving several switches and adding several lines, which will inevitably lead to additional items. Of course, the additional items in this case are also acceptable to consumers. Unreasonable additions caused by home decoration companies will annoy consumers. Generally speaking, if the added item amount exceeds 30% of the total project amount, it is a malicious added item. The common phenomena of adding items include: calculating the water circuit project without authorization and overstating the length in the absence of consumers; Some projects are underreported and underreported in the budget submission, and raise prices halfway; In the middle of the construction, consumers are required to increase the price for product upgrading, etc

◆ how to avoid unreasonable additions in the process of home decoration

from the perspective of consumers themselves, they need to know more about the decoration process in advance, consult people who have decoration experience around them, understand what aspects need to be paid attention to in the decoration process, and make budgetary and psychological preparations in advance; In terms of choosing decoration companies, try to choose brand home decoration companies; When signing the decoration contract, we should look carefully and sign carefully. However, the cautious choice of consumers is on the one hand, and the key is to rely on enterprise self-discipline. www.jiazhuang6. COM, the most professional station in China




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