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Water washed stone refers to the mixing of cement and aggregate. After troweling and drying, wash the cement on the aggregate surface with water to expose the aggregate surface Aggregates are fine stones of various colors, and the specification is usually eight centimeters smaller! The color used most is yellow haydite

terrazzo is just the opposite of washed stone. It refers to the mixing of cement and aggregate ground by machine or manually. It is difficult to process. It was used indoors before, and the effect is good, which can imitate the stone effect. Next, we will introduce the relevant knowledge about washed stone with Xiaobian

stone washing method

1 Clean the base course: clean up the dust, oil, laitance and sundries on the surface of the base course. In case of local unevenness, the convex part shall be chiseled and the concave part shall be filled with 1:3 mortar; If there is oil stain, wash it with 10% caustic soda solution, wash it with clean water and dry it

2. Plastering the bottom mortar: first, plaster a layer of plain cement slurry (mixed with 107 glue with 10% water consumption) on the base course, and then plaster the bottom mortar layer by layer and layer by layer; The bottom mortar shall be scraped with a ruler, roughened with wooden crabs, and watered for curing after the mortar is finally set

3. Plaster the stone slurry surface course: scrape a layer of plain cement slurry, plaster the stone slurry twice from bottom to top, and the plaster should be slightly 1mm higher than the completed ground on both sides. Finally, flatten and compact the stone slurry layer

stone washing construction process

1 Crystal color curing method: according to the requirements of the designer, different colors of washed stones and special adhesives are mixed, and after priming, coating and curing, they are not limited by patterns and shapes, and are suitable for indoor walls and external walls

2. Cement mixing method: colored gravel and cement are mixed together, and finished after leveling, coating, wiping and surface treatment. It is suitable for sauna rooms, bathrooms, outdoors, garden roads, cylindrical landscapes, water wells, etc

3. Mesh bonding method: it is also a construction process to be introduced in this paper. The screened washed stone particles are pre bonded to the mesh fabric, glass fiber website, with a general size of 300x300ram=, and the edge is serrated. Then, the construction method similar to pasting mosaic is adopted for construction, which is pasted with a special adhesive, suitable for large-area walls, special windowsills, floors, etc. In many projects, the exterior wall adopts the combination of white ceramic tiles and net pasted water washed stone, which has achieved good results

characteristics of water washed stone pasted on the outer wall net

1 In terms of quality, because it is prefabricated into sheets and pasted with adhesive on site, the bonding is firm, and the quality problems such as hollowing and cracks are eliminated; Stones are evenly distributed without chromatic aberration; Flatness and verticality are easy to ensure; All kinds of piecing, patterns and other construction are accurate, the lines are clear, and there is no deformation and aliasing

2. In terms of construction time, due to prefabrication in advance in the factory, the on-site construction time is shortened by about I/3 compared with the traditional process, which is conducive to shortening the construction period of the outer wall, dropping the scaffold as soon as possible, reducing the occupation time of revolving materials and reducing the project cost

3. In terms of the construction environment, it reduces the wet operation on site, avoids the mess on site, reduces the loss and waste of materials, and is conducive to maintaining a clean construction environment on site and saving project costs

4. In the operation of workers, the use of sheet pasting construction reduces the construction difficulty and labor intensity of workers, improves work efficiency, and reduces labor costs

5. In terms of appearance design, due to its factory pre-processing, all kinds of complex patterns can be accurately expressed clearly, and it is a soft substrate. Any radian and angle construction surface can be fitted, which greatly increases the space of architectural appearance design

warm tips: the above is the Xiaobian's introduction to the relevant knowledge of washed stone. For more practical decoration knowledge, please pay attention to Qijia information




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