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Wardrobe is a very important furniture in the home. We know that there are many brands of wardrobe, so many people don't know how to start when choosing, and don't know which brand is the most suitable. However, each brand has its advantages and disadvantages, and there is no absolute good or bad. Now let's introduce Schneider Mann and Sophia to you, and you will know by comparing them

1. Wardrobe style

when buying a wardrobe, first of all, be sure to find out your favorite style, so that the selected one will be more matched. At the same time, it is also necessary to refer to the size of the wardrobe and whether the style matches your home space

2. Plate veneering

for example, some regular manufacturers with slightly better quality will use environmental friendly melamine veneers with thick paint immersion, high temperature and high pressure treatment. This kind of panel has high surface strength, good wear resistance of products, and its wear resistance and scratch resistance. Although the surface of some inferior wardrobe veneers looks smooth and beautiful, sometimes there may be obvious scratches if you use your fingernails to scratch them gently

3. Wardrobe materials

there are also many kinds of wardrobe materials, and the prices of different materials are also different, so you should pay special attention when choosing wardrobe, and then choose according to your actual needs

4. Anti counterfeiting signs

which is better, Schneider Mann or Sophia? When choosing a wardrobe, you must ask to check its manufacturer's anti-counterfeiting signs, and at the same time, you must ensure the quality of the product. For example, many professional manufacturers generally have obvious manufacturer anti-counterfeiting marks on the edge banding strips, cabinet door types, pulleys, and even plate veneers of their wardrobes, so as to ensure the quality and maintenance of their products, which is to make consumers feel at ease

5. Environmental protection of materials

when choosing a wardrobe, you can smell it with your nose to see if there is a clear irritating smell. At the same time, you should also check the manufacturer's instructions to see if the formaldehyde content conforms to the e1&le stipulated by the state; 1.5mg/L,E2≤ 5.0mg/l standard

6. The thickness and height of the door panel

the thickness and height of the door panel of the wardrobe will also directly affect the use of the wardrobe and the length of its service life. Therefore, you must pay attention to check it when purchasing. Generally speaking, the thickness of plates is 18mm, 25mm, and some are even thicker than this. Plates with too small thickness are easy to deform. The height of veneer plates should reach about 2.8m, so the wardrobe design is the most reasonable

7. Pulley device

when buying a wardrobe, you must push and pull the cabinet door or drawer many times. In this way, you can also check whether the pulley works smoothly and whether there is a particularly obvious friction sound; Shake the cabinet door slightly to the left and right, and check whether the connection is stable enough, etc

8. Wardrobe accessories

which is better, Schneider Mann or Sophia? Wardrobe accessories are also the most easily ignored problem, but in the process of use, these accessories play an indispensable role, so you should regularly check whether your accessories are complete when choosing. Like push-pull mirrors, pants racks, fashion drawers, CD racks, lattice shelves, etc., now many wardrobe manufacturers have launched these practical and beautiful accessories or some convenient and comfortable supporting functions, which makes your wardrobe more convenient to use

summary: you will know which one is better than schneiman and Sophia. Let's introduce the relevant content. The wardrobe is a very important kind of furniture in the home, and it is also a kind of furniture that is used more frequently, so you must not be careless when choosing, if it won't affect your use




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