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There are many techniques used in home decoration, and different parts of the decoration use different home decoration techniques. So today I'll take you to know what the woodworking technology of home decoration is and what needs attention

I. door and window technology

1. The carpenter uses an impact hammer to hit the vertical board and solid wood lines to fix the eyes, and the wooden wedge is dried in the sun for a day. After anti-corrosion treatment, it is nailed into the already punched eyes. When making a cover, the wood board is brushed with tung oil against the wall for moisture-proof treatment

2. Brush the high-quality Blockboard against the wall with tung oil and nail it to the wall. Use a level ruler and a line camel to make it horizontal and vertical, four straight, and fill the board as tightly as possible. How can the decoration save money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. Two joinery boards must be used to stand on the side of the door to bear the weight of the door leaf and the nail holding force of the hinge. The door stop is made of nine centimeter board into a dark side opening, and the solid wood small line head

3. The door jamb lines should be bottomed with a nine centimeter board, and the sides should be sealed with small solid wood lines. The solid wood door jamb lines and other solid wood lines should be purchased 4-5 days in advance. Do not open bundles and put them on the construction site to dry, and integrate with the surrounding air. When nailing the door and window jamb lines, it is necessary to artificially reserve more than 1 mm of shrinkage land, and do not close them immediately. Usually (in summer) shrink for more than 3 days, and (in winter) shrink for more than 6 days before closing

II. Woodwork process

1. First, get familiar with the drawings, understand the design intent, make technical disclosure to the construction team, measure the actual size of the site according to the drawings on the basis of clarifying the design intent, and formulate operation steps for woodwork details according to the requirements of the design and specifications. In case of large discrepancy between the size and the drawing, a written notice shall be submitted to the designer and the supervisor in time

2. Woodworking products must be made in strict accordance with the size indicated in the drawing, and must use high-quality materials that have been dried or naturally dried. It is forbidden to use moth eaten, loose, cracked or corroded wood

3. Before using all wooden works, materials must be selected to ensure that the grain color of wood plywood is consistent, and the joint and installation must be ensured.

4. The surface of all wooden products should be planed, the cutting corners should be accurate and flush, the joints and butt joints should be tight and neat, the installation and pasting should be firm, and the lines and corners should be clear and distinct




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