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A high-quality double folding bed allows users to enjoy the most comfortable posture, and the degree of comfort depends on the quality of the spring. It is very important to choose a folding bed for two people. Which brand of folding bed is good is the concern of many consumers. Let's take a look at the brand introduction of folding bed double next

Introduction to folding bed:

folding bed is a simple bed designed by using the principle of joints, which can be folded and retracted. It is simple and practical, easy to carry, easy to store. It can be disassembled when in use, and can be folded and stored when not in use

brand introduction of double folding bed

brand recommendation 1 of folding bed:

arc&39; Teryx Archaeopteryx, a top outdoor brand in Canada, was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1989. Its headquarters, design studio, and main production lines are still in Vancouver. Due to its crazy pursuit of new processes and technologies, it has grown into a recognized leading outdoor brand in North America and even the world in just a few years, and has good products in the field of clothing and backpacks. Its products are mainly involved in hiking, climbing and ice and snow sports

folding bed brand recommendation 2:

patagonia is one of the largest outdoor clothing brands in the United States and Europe, and has many brand franchise stores all over the world. Patagonia rarely offers discounts, which helps him build a high-end image. Patagonia's products are famous for paying attention to environmental protection and resource conservation. Patagonia's leading design concept and strict requirements for quality have made its products win many awards in the equipment evaluation of many outdoor media, and have been rated as one of the favorite brands by outdoor enthusiasts

folding bed brand recommendation 3:

mountain Hardwear mainly produces outdoor clothing and tents. MHW has a long history with TNF. The sponsors of MHW are some employees of the former TNF, and its clothing and tent designers are the main designers of the former TNF. It is said that they parted ways because they were dissatisfied with the TNF management's policy of cutting corners. MHW's product quality is generally much better than that of TNF. MHW is more reasonable in the design of product details, its quality is highly respected by users, and it is far ahead in product innovation, and has become a leader in outdoor clothing

folding bed brand recommendation 4:

the north face. In 1966, two enthusiastic hikers set up a small mountaineering supplies retail store in San Francisco, the United States, and soon grew into a famous company selling professional mountaineering and hiking equipment. In 1968, the north face began to design, produce and sell its own brand of outdoor equipment. By the end of the 1980s, TNF had become the only manufacturer in the United States that produced a series of outdoor products covering coats, ski suits, backpacks, tents and so on

brand recommendation 5 for folding beds:

jialide. The company is mainly committed to the R & D and production of swimming pool series products and leisure tourism products. The products are mainly sold to developed countries and regions such as the European Union, the United States, South America and so on. It has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, GS, UL, CE, EMC and other international certifications

folding bed brand recommendation 6:

Jiajie. Zhejiang Jiajie Furniture Co., Ltd. is a modern export-oriented enterprise integrating product R & D, production, sales and service. The company specializes in the production of garden furniture and outdoor supplies Garden furniture such as cane tables and chairs, wicker sofas, cane glass tables, etc. Outdoor products mainly include beach chair series, picnic table series, awning series, camping series, garden appliance series and other tourism and leisure products, with an annual output value of 200million yuan. The enterprise has strong market competitiveness

conclusion: a good folding bed for two people can really play a great role in life and help us a lot, so we must choose a regular brand when buying folding beds





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