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Analysis on the research and development trend of food packaging machinery in the future. In recent years, the food industry is also facing the situation of accelerated changes in market demand, and relevant food machinery also needs to improve technology to meet production needs. It is understood that, due to the particularity of the food industry, some insiders pointed out that the use of plastic doors and windows instead of ordinary metal doors and windows in heating areas has met the basic requirements of sanitary and applicable food machinery design. At the same time, the relevant food machinery products should ensure the cleanness and durability of the contact surface, as well as the convenience and safety in use

in the current industrialized food processing, most enterprises will choose to produce complete sets of products rather than single machines. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that complete sets of food machinery can be produced continuously, in a balanced manner and to ensure product quality. From the perspective of production enterprises, the purpose of selecting complete sets of production lines is to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Therefore, the safety, health, reasonable and reliable, convenient maintenance and other factors of complete sets of food machinery production lines are very important

from the perspective of the international environment, international well-known enterprises are investing huge amounts of money and a large number of personnel in product research and development, and strive to accelerate the electromechanical integration of food machinery and equipment. From the perspective of its R & D direction, it is mainly close to the following five directions

first, develop food machinery with reduced self weight, small floor space and convenient installation and replacement; The second is to develop new products that can save energy and resource costs, as well as models that can recycle waste; Third, develop new products with multiple functions, which may cause problems for many, and 2 The operator should have more than two people to influence the test results and carry out multi-functional packaging; Fourth, research and development of multi shape packaging machine, which can be used for square, rectangular and multi shape multi-functional packaging; Fifth, develop models with low energy consumption, high output power, good dynamic stability and low pollution

at present, the research and development of food packaging machinery is developing in the direction of high speed, multi-function and intelligent control. With the rapid development of market economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for product packaging are becoming higher and higher, which urgently requires that packaging be mechanized and automated. The rapid development of downstream industries and residents' pursuit of quality of life require enterprises to invest in corresponding food packaging machinery to meet production needs

the technical level of the food industry is an important symbol to measure the technical equipment capacity of the food industry. At present, the production equipment of the domestic food machinery manufacturing industry is mainly medium and low-grade, and most high-tech products rely on foreign imports

as a supporting industry of the national economy, the packaging machinery industry benefits from the prosperity of other industries and can also react on other industries ● punch: DP φ 32。 At present, China's packaging machinery industry is developing towards integration, high efficiency and intelligence

information source: Zhonghua machinery

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