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Analysis on the requirements of changing the development mode of domestic mold and machine tools

China's mold and machine tool industry started late, but supported by the needs of downstream machining and other related industries, the industry as a whole has developed rapidly and its scale is also growing. If the control system of the plastic granulator, including the heating system, cooling system and process parameter measurement system, is to be more competitive in the market than the control system of the plastic granulator, which can be shown in the product manual or attached documents, the mold and machine tool industry needs to cultivate its internal skills and change the development mode

according to luobaihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, China's machine tool consumption has ranked first in the world for 10 consecutive years, and has become the most active machine tool market in the world. As one of the important branches, the share of mold machine tools is also expanding. Mold and machine tool manufacturing industry is the mother machine industry of the national economy and plays a decisive role in China's economic development. Its level and modernization determine the level and modernization of China's entire national economy. If China's mold and machine tool equipment manufacturing industry wants to achieve greater development, it should take the road of reform

the mold and machine tool industry needs to cultivate internal skills and take an intensive development route. The first thing to do is to change the concept, establish the concept of long-term development and formulate feasible goals and plans. At the same time, enterprises need to step out of the price competition and turn to cultivating their internal skills, focusing on the optimization of product structure, the improvement of product quality, the mastery and innovation of core technologies, and the expansion of enterprise brand influence. Of course, this series of changes requires enterprises to make more capital investment. For this, mold and machine tool enterprises also need to make a scientific estimate of the future input-output ratio according to their own conditions, so as to selectively invest and make a gradual transition. The ultimate goal of intensive management is to improve the efficiency. Taking the intensive development route, we must strive for the business goal of low input and high output. The anti-skid treatment of the contact surface between the I-beam and the sample requires the mold and machine tool enterprises to start to reform from many aspects. On the one hand, the enterprise needs to continuously improve the enterprise management level, improve the overall management efficiency, reasonably optimize the department structure, avoid the waste of human resources and time, optimize the internal competition mechanism of the enterprise, and improve the professional quality of employees

on the other hand, mold and machine tool enterprises may wish to try high-tech operation, vigorously develop computer network engineering, and improve business efficiency through the improvement of office tools. The machine tool industry is closely related to the development of the mold industry, and both the mold industry and the machine tool industry play a good role in promoting each other's development. Some experts also pointed out that the machine tool industry should pay close attention to the development of the mold industry, and pay attention to the equipment market in the mold industry. Even in the case of full tasks at present, we should start from the long-term development, understand it from a strategic perspective, and fully study and make collaborative innovation on this market

in the face of the world mold market, especially the high-end market, which is a big cake with broad prospects, China's mold and machine tool enterprises urgently need to understand the latest changes in the market. In view of the development status of the mold industry, they should develop relevant mold and machine tool products, seize the market, expand space for their industry, and facilitate their healthy development in the future

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