Analysis on the quality problems of soft packaging

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Like any packaging problem, the soft packaging of milk powder should start from the three elements of packaging, namely, packaged products, packaging materials and packaging machines. These three elements are not only the elements to solve packaging problems, but also the causes of packaging quality problems

the packaging equipment of milk powder mainly adopts the vertical forming filling sealing packaging machine, and the metering adopts the screw metering. Milk powder packaging has high requirements for sealing, mainly including firm sealing, good sealing, smooth and beautiful sealing, no folds, etc. In the actual production process, most of the problems of milk powder packaging quality occur in the heat sealing part, which is caused by factors such as insufficient heat sealing strength, inappropriate heat sealing properties of materials, unreasonable heat sealing devices or inappropriate heat sealing conditions, of which the most important are heat sealing temperature and time. There are generally two types of bags for milk powder packaging: pillow bags and self-supporting bags. The sealing of bags includes horizontal sealing and back sealing. Next, we will analyze the factors that affect the sealing quality of soft packaging of milk powder in view of the embargo sealing imposed by foreign countries on China and the film deviation

analysis of problems prone to occur in the transverse sealing part

in the transverse sealing area of the bag, there are two layers of film in some places and four layers of film in some places. However, different thickness should meet the sealing requirements in the primary sealing of the horizontal seal, which puts forward higher requirements for packaging equipment and materials. As the milk powder packaging materials are relatively thick, in order to meet the requirements of clear sealing and sealing patterns, the horizontal sealing of the packaging machine must have sufficient pressure and stable temperature. The horizontal sealing mechanism of vertical packaging machine is usually driven by air cylinder or servo motor. No matter which method is adopted, it should be combined with the mechanical mechanism to amplify the force to meet the requirements. To achieve a good sealing effect, the inner sealing material of the packaging material is also required to have a certain melting fluidity under the action of temperature and pressure. During the sealing process, the inner sealing material can be added to the sealing area to better seal the gap at the transition from two layers to four layers

another reason affecting the sealing quality of milk powder packaging is the inclusion and dust. This problem also mainly occurs in the horizontal sealing. The material clamping is caused by the unreasonable continuous coordination between the packaging machine and the metering screw during operation or the unreasonable design of the material door at the lower end of the metering screw. When the screw has stopped rotating, the material door cannot be well sealed, resulting in a small amount of loose materials falling. The way to solve this problem is to reasonably set up the matching between the measuring screw and the packaging machine, and reasonably design some material doors. During the packaging process of milk powder, nitrogen is generally required to be filled, so a certain degree of dust is inevitable. As the powder aroused by the falling of materials is difficult to match the continuous manufacturing method of 3D printing, the dust will have a great impact on the sealing quality only when it is adsorbed in the sealing area of the film under the action of static electricity. Therefore, the problem should be solved from the two aspects of packaging machinery and packaging materials. The packaging machinery measures include adding static eliminators, reasonably designing the length and speed of the metering screw, and reasonably adjusting the pressure of nitrogen filling Flow and time, etc. The packaging materials should be materials with good inclusion heat sealing, or antistatic films with antistatic materials

analysis of problems prone to occur in the sealing part of the back seal

the back seal of the packaging bag is sealed by two layers of film, so the problem of loose sealing generally does not occur, and the main problem is the deviation of the film, which is commonly referred to as the white edge. In order to solve this problem, it is required that the film frame of the packaging machine can be adjusted from left to right without stopping the machine, and the lapel former should be stable. The lapel shaper seems simple, but actually has high requirements, which has a great impact on the forming quality of the packaging bag and the stability of the machine. This requires the supplier to have rich experience in the manufacturing and commissioning process of the former in order to achieve good results

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