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Analysis on the key points of the reform of the packaging design of domestic drugs in China due to historical and cultural reasons, the packaging design of domestic drugs in China has formed a relatively simple and plain design frame. Many similar drug packaging words are the same, which are only distinguished by color changes. In addition, the product name is not eye-catching, which is easy to be confused

however, pharmaceutical products are a special kind of commodities, which have the dual attributes of drugs and commodities. Therefore, the drug packaging design should not only comply with the drug administration law and relevant policies and regulations, but also reflect the corporate image, improve the appearance design grade and obtain the psychological recognition of consumers

compared with the packaging of imported drugs and drugs of "three capital" enterprises, the packaging of some drugs in China is dwarfed in terms of appearance design and consideration for consumers. Many domestic drug packaging designs are following the foreign drug packaging design ideas, while the globalization of the pharmaceutical economy requires China's drug packaging to follow the international popular trend and take the nationalization route, surpass the current situation, and gradually have the ability of global recognition

drug packaging shall comply with relevant national policies and regulations, and change the concept according to market changes

drug packaging must consider the compatibility of drugs and the impact of packaging materials on the stability of drugs during the storage period of drugs. At present, when applying for new drugs, it is necessary to put forward the packaging form of drugs, the compatibility test report of drugs and packaging materials, the quality standard of materials, the license of material suppliers and other materials

advanced drug packaging is designed with safety cover for the elderly and children; A measuring cup with accurate measurement and convenient use is provided for the oral liquid; On the package, there are eye-catching tips such as "put the medicine in a place where children can't touch it, and more than half of it is powered by oil source" and so on. All of these not only bring the drug safety information to patients, but also have the efficacy of achieving consumer psychological recognition. Seeing other people's strengths and identifying their own weaknesses, pharmaceutical enterprises should widely solicit opinions from non-metallic marketing and marketing departments when designing new packaging. If conditions permit, they can ask advertising planning companies to do image design. A recent skin and mucous membrane antiseptic disinfectant of a company should completely abandon the consistent old design ideas in terms of appearance design, which is rich in the sensory information of the new generation. It has improved the size of the liquid outlet of the packaging bottle, which can control the dosage when used without contaminating the fingers

drug packaging has become a promotional medium, and good communication has become an important feature through the test of test pieces.

from the perspective of the integrated communication concept put forward by modern marketing, drug packaging is not only a problem of product strategy, but also an irreplaceable medium in promotion. As the last pass of communication with consumers, packaging plays an important role. Pharmaceutical enterprises need to convey the connotation of products through the carrier of the drug package, including the analog output line of the control software, the enable signal line, and the encoder signal line of the servo output. They also need to complete the last step of communication with drug consumers and users through packaging. In addition, it is necessary to express the image of the pharmaceutical enterprise through the pharmaceutical packaging to complete the communication in a deeper sense

in fact, at present, the competition concept among enterprises has changed to the competition of the overall image of enterprises. The introduction of CI must require that the enterprise image can be expressed through packaging design. As a unique identification symbol, packaging can do this. There are many positive and negative examples. The forms of many OTC drugs are too old, which has become an obstacle to communication with consumers. Some new styles of foreign products are worth learning from. For example, the outer packaging of a French perfume is like this, with the brand logo of the enterprise printed on a transparent plastic bag. This kind of packaging conveys the connotation of "genuine goods" to consumers, and also drives the sales of products of similar brands. It is not necessary to copy these practices in drug packaging, but it is necessary to introduce this concept. In fact, the expression of pharmaceutical enterprise image through pharmaceutical packaging design is not only conducive to the spread of pharmaceutical enterprise image, but also reduces the burden of pharmaceutical enterprises in advertising. More importantly, it has strengthened consumers' and society's recognition of its brand, thus realizing in-depth communication

interactive marketing requires humanization. Global recognition promotes nationalization.

interactive personalized marketing has gradually become the mainstream mode of marketing. Personalized consumption puts forward higher requirements for drug packaging design. In today's highly homogeneous products, the packaging of products also has the phenomenon of "isomorphism". In drug packaging, consumers are not concerned about fancy pictures, but whether their feelings are respected, whether the products have affinity, and whether they reflect the taste and lifestyle of the target group. Those pleasing to the eye and high-grade packaging are naturally favored. This requires designers to go deep into life and pay attention to the grasp of human nature when designing packaging

the national style of drug packaging should not be ignored in order to achieve a wider range of communication and have the ability of global recognition. With the acceleration of international trade integration, drug packaging design should reach the international level as far as possible and have the ability of global identification. However, packaging design cannot be globalized for the sake of globalization. Any packaging design has its own national traditional cultural background that can not be isolated. Only the national is the world, and only the drug packaging with national color will be different

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