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Analysis of the current situation of health care products and gift packaging (I)

in the golden autumn, we have just sent off the "National Day" golden week, and we are about to usher in Christmas, new year's day and even the new year. This is the peak season for the consumption of various health products and gifts. China has always been known as the "land of etiquette", and it is essential for people to reciprocate between festivals. Whether you are visiting relatives and friends, filial piety to parents or caring for children, you need to give some health products and gifts. For businesses, it is a battlefield without the smell of smoke at this time, and they strive to do everything they can to attract consumers. Therefore, under the high light of the festival red light, a packaging war of health products and gifts is in full swing

brand packaging hot health care products market

last year was a hot year for the health care products industry. A sudden SARS in the first half of the year brought the health care products market into an era of unprecedented prosperity. China's health care products market has miraculously created the myth of a sharp rise in the market share of health care products after years of continuous decline. According to statistics, the total sales of domestic health products in 2003 has exceeded 30billion yuan, a sharp increase of nearly 50% over the previous year. In 2004, the whole health care products sales market still showed a steady upward trend

although the huge space for the development of the industry delighted the insiders, they were also quite disturbed by the hidden troubles. There are many products in the health care market, with fierce competition among various brands, uneven product quality, and different consumer needs. Therefore, the competition of health care products has been comprehensively upgraded to the era of brand competition. This war has been raging until this year

experts believe that the number of health care enterprises in China is increasing, and product brands are emerging one after another. In the context of extremely similar products and marketing methods, there are only two ways for medical and health care enterprises to overcome the siege: first, innovation. Innovation can open up new markets, ensure the uniqueness of products, and avoid low-level and homogeneous competition. 2、 Strengthen brand communication. In a homogeneous market, whoever has the louder voice and the most indoctrination to consumers will win more consumer support, thus shaping a strong brand

with the rapid development of the health care products industry, various manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for the packaging of health care products. Their packaging micro tile cartons began to come to the front stage, becoming one of the symbols of the brand logo of health care products and an important part of the development of health care products industrialization

the investigation from the State Drug Administration shows that the overall technical level of China's health product packaging industry is not high, and the grade is low, far behind developed countries. The survey data clearly tells us a message: the packaging of health products has only reached the international level in the 1980s. At present, the domestic packaging quality and the contribution rate of packaging health care products industry are low. In developed countries, the packaging of health products accounts for 30% of its value, while in China, this proportion is less than 10%

facing the trend of global economic integration and China's successful accession to the WTO, some experts predict that the next five years will be a critical period for the rapid development of China's health care packaging industry

experts pointed out that the annual output value of China's health product packaging industry is about 15 billion yuan per year, which can only meet 80% of the needs of domestic production enterprises. Especially compared with the emerging new health care products, the matching health care product packaging is too slow to meet the requirements of new product development

at the same time, with people's attention to health and the maturity of production technology, in the next few years, the packaging industry of health products will contain attractive huge business opportunities. At the same time, it is also the golden stage of the development of health food packaging enterprises. Health food manufacturers generally hope that the packaging of health products can become their brand identity

gift market fashionable characteristic packaging

compared with the health care market, the prospect of the gift market is brighter. Due to the strong economic growth in China in recent years, the purchasing power of the people has increased greatly, coupled with the continuous introduction of novel gifts and stable prices, the sales prospects of China's gift market are promising

generally speaking, consumers prefer the new to the old. Generally speaking, middle-aged consumers tend to traditional gifts, such as tea, handicrafts, pens, etc. However, young consumers like new products, and they are often the new force of gift consumption. Therefore, domestic manufacturers are constantly introducing new products, reducing production costs, improving product quality and design level to meet people's new mentality

therefore, the packaging of gifts pays more attention to the style and color of products, giving gifts a high-end, full decorative effect, and complying with the trend of the times. In order to facilitate the display of exhibition venues or stores, some gifts need to strengthen the display characteristics of packaging, which needs to be given display needs while ensuring that the protection of packaging is not destroyed

user interview:

the packaging of health products should pay attention to safety

Shenzhen Mrs. Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

because we produce health products, consumers still attach great importance to our packaging. The reason why we use corrugated boxes in packaging is that we need green packaging. In addition to the low packaging cost, convenient storage and transportation, which can increase the safety of products, there are some special requirements

the first is safety. The packaged products should be non-toxic and will not release toxic substances, pollute food and affect human health. The second is degradability. After consumers take health care products, the remaining packaging can be degraded, which will not affect human health or pollute the environment. Sometimes we also require that the packaging of health products can be reused. Under the principle of sustainable development, health food requires that the remaining packaging materials of health products can be used after consumption, which not only saves resources, but also reduces the generation of garbage and reduces the pollution to the environment

as for the selection of carton factories, we require that the products should not be polluted and the environment should not be polluted during the pressure loading process at both ends of the package; The packaging environmental conditions are good, hygienic and safe; The performance of the packaging equipment is safe and will not affect the product quality; The packaging process will not be harmful to the health of personnel and will not cause pollution to the environment

packaging is a silent advertisement

the packaging of Jiaoda onlido Co., Ltd.

brand plays a great role in the sales of goods. Let me give a typical example: when a British health care product factory launched its new variety of health care products, it tried to sell them in three different packages, and the sales volume of one of them was much larger than that of the other two. Therefore, the manufacturer selected it as a fixed product packaging

consumers often form a fixed impression of a health product in the memory of the "opinions on the development of innovative new materials" issued by the state through the packaging of health products, and remember the appearance of health products. Therefore, the color and style of the packaging of health products must be consistent with the performance of health products and the image of the enterprise, otherwise, the brand packaging of health products will lose its significance. Moreover, once a certain health care product has a good market, the packaging itself is also a silent advertisement, which is also a media of advertisement

according to the current situation, the packaging of most health products only uses color printing to print commodity names, manufacturer names, prices, patterns, etc. Of course, simplicity is one of the requirements of packaging. We require that the packaging of health products be light in shape, easy to carry, and fresh in color, so that consumers will naturally have a sense of trust after reading it

packaging is an important part of products

Wuhan Heart K group

the reason why our products use many micro corrugated cartons and corrugated cartons is because we think that as the packaging of health products, corrugated paper has a series of unique advantages, such as good processability, excellent printing performance, certain mechanical properties, easy composite processing, good health and safety, a wide range of raw materials It is easy to form mass production, variety, low cost, light weight, easy to transport, waste can be recycled and so on

I think packaging is an important part of our health care products. Unique packaging can improve the competitiveness of products and form product differences with competitors. At the sales site, foreign scholars have made a study and found that 33% of the customers attracted by media advertisements are at the sales site and choose another brand with attractive packaging. Therefore, in addition to requiring packaged products to be convenient for storage and management, transportation, and loss reduction, they are brightly colored and easy to carry, which can attract the attention of consumers

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