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Analysis of the current industrial situation of the world's five major machine tool powers

now there is a saying that the manufacturing industry in the United States is declining. This is not the case. The manufacturing industry in the United States is not declining, but transforming. Coincidentally, China's manufacturing industry and the manufacturing industry in other parts of the world are also undergoing transformation, and the speed of this transformation is getting faster and faster

in fact, the manufacturing industry of the United States still ranks first in the world, followed by China, Japan, Germany and Italy. The manufacturing industry in the United States is still vibrant and healthy. But compared with 30 years ago, it has undergone great changes, and the changes will continue

in addition, the impact of manufacturing on the U.S. economy is not as great as in other countries. In fact, the industrial added value of the United States accounts for about 16% of GDP, compared with 20% in Japan and 50% in China. Therefore, at present, more and more customers are negotiating with the company. Changes in manufacturing technology and manufacturing industry have a greater impact on the economy of Japan and China than the economy of the United States

therefore, many other countries in the world believe that the United States is a profitable market, which also forces American manufacturing enterprises to do everything possible to enhance their competitiveness in the changing manufacturing environment

Second, Germany: a record high

in 2006, the total value of machine tool production and services in the German machine tool industry reached 10.8 billion euros, an increase of 4%. In terms of exports, as of 2006, the German machine tool manufacturing industry has achieved good results for four consecutive years, and the export growth rate in the first September of 2006 alone was as high as 13%. The demand from the Chinese market exceeded that from the US market, and once again became the largest overseas market for German machine tool exports

at the same time, Germany's machine tool exports to South Korea and India also performed well. This marks the prosperity of the Asian market and the improvement of industrial standards in various industries. Japanese users are also increasing their orders for German machine tools and technologies. In 2006, Japan jumped to one of the top 15 export markets in Germany for the first time

in terms of import, Asian machine tool manufacturers are constantly improving their technical standards and striving to strengthen their position in the German market. In the first three quarters of 2006, the import growth rate of machine tools in Germany was as high as 15%, and the main increment came from China, South Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan

in 2007, the gross value of machine tool production and services in the country will continue to rise, reaching 11.5 billion euros. In this way, the German machine tool welded chain bearing capacity testing machine is mainly used to test the bearing capacity, breaking force, breaking elongation, tensile load, tensile strength, tensile failure, ultimate working load, maximum bearing capacity, bearing capacity, tensile deformation and other mechanical properties of M4, S6 and T8 grade single limb, double limb, 3-limb and 4-limb welded chain. The manufacturing industry will achieve the best results in history, The refining and processing of new non-ferrous metal materials and the development of preparation technology have attracted the attention of the industry, hoping to break the highest record set by the industry in 2001

III. Japan: a long-term economic recovery

by the end of 2006, the monthly order volume of Japanese machine tool industry had exceeded 100billion yen for 32 consecutive months, surpassing the record of more than 100billion yen for 22 consecutive months at the peak of the 1990s. Other statistics are as follows: in 2006, the gross domestic product of machine tool industry reached 1211 billion yen, which basically showed the same development trend as the order amount. The export value was 925.5 billion yen. We know that any search engine can't collect the complete yen on the web pages, with a year-on-year increase of 14%, and the import value was 135.6 billion yen, with a year-on-year increase of 26%

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