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2006 analysis of the current market situation of the printing and packaging industry in Russia (III)

● how to register a sole proprietorship company in Russia

the following documents should be prepared: articles of association, written registration application, provision of legal address guarantee, and bank credit certificate in Russia. Notarize the above files in the Russian notary office, and then go to the Chinese Embassy in Russia to handle the letter of proof for the establishment of a company in Russia with the first and fourth files, and then register (you can entrust a lawyer or a registered company to help handle it). The registration procedure is the same as that of the public joint venture

since the date of registration, the wholly-owned company shall report its operation to the tax bureau once a quarter, and the statement shall be sent to the tax bureau before the 20th of the first month of the next quarter; The joint venture company is required to report its operation to the tax bureau once a year. If the report is not made on time, the tax bureau has the right to seal up the company's bank account

companies registered in Russia should pay attention to the following issues:

(I) if the company is a fuel and energy complex enterprise or its foreign capital operation is relatively convenient and the labor-saving amount exceeds 100million rubles (old rubles), no matter where the company is located in the Russian Federation, it should register with the National Registration Bureau of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation; Other enterprises can register with the local registration bureau, but they should also register with the national registration bureau. The following documents should be provided when handling:

1. The documents that the federal main administrative department agrees to set up a joint venture company

2. Registration card

3. The registration document of the Russian registrant and the decision of the Russian local property owner to establish a joint venture

4. If the registered enterprise is a fuel energy enterprise, it needs to have a technical appraisal certificate signed with fuel energy; If the company's business is related to the ecological environment, it needs to take graphite as an example to have a technical certificate signed with the Ministry of ecological and environmental protection; If the legal capital of the company exceeds the limit stipulated in the anti-monopoly law of the Russian Federation, an agreement with the Anti-monopoly Commission is required

(II) companies registered in Russia are divided into joint-stock companies and limited companies. The former must have more than two initiators, and the latter can have one or more initiators

(III) to open a savings account in a Russian bank, a notarized and certified domestic articles of association is required. Half of the registered capital should be deposited in this account. The bank needs 30 days to file with the central bank. It can also be replaced by physical investment without opening a savings account, and the goods and equipment used for investment can be exempted from import duties

(IV) obtain the temporary company license after handling the formalities in the registration bureau successfully and 3 days later. With this license, you can go to the tax bureau for registration, open a settlement account at the bank, and transfer the funds in the savings account. You should also register with social welfare funds. After 45 days, you can get a formal license. (China's economic Counsellor Office in Russia) Nanjing Shenda will build a 10000 ton PP paper production line. Caijing Shenda Film Co., Ltd. recently decided to invest 185MILLION yuan to introduce and build a 14kt/a polypropylene (PP) synthetic paper production line project. PP synthetic paper is a kind of paper like film with high fidelity, which is made from homopolymer PP after extrusion. Its mechanical properties are superior to wood pulp paper, and its waterproof and printability are good. It is a new packaging material that can be used alone or combined with other substrates. At present, there are few foreign manufacturers. Japan's Prince oil and chemical company and Taiwan's Nanwang company are the main manufacturers of synthetic paper in the world. After the completion of the 10000 ton PP synthetic paper project of Nanjing Shenda Film Co., Ltd., China's dependence on imports of this paper will be greatly alleviated, and the export of this paper can earn foreign exchange

China Packaging Association will promote the use of the "corrugated product recycling mark" throughout the country. In order to adapt to the new situation after China's accession to the World Trade Organization and integrate with the international packaging industry as soon as possible, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported to the State Council for approval. As the only legal representative of China, China Packaging Technology Association officially joined the International Corrugated Box alliance ICCA in 2001

as an industry organization of the international corrugated box industry, the purpose of the International Corrugated Box union is to promote the development of the industry, strengthen exchanges and cooperation among members, and facilitate the international business of members. This time, the promotion and use of the internationally used "corrugated product receipt mark" in China's industry is to implement the relevant provisions of the International Corrugated Federation, promote and standardize the recycling of China's packaging products, and provide convenience for the export of China's corrugated boxes and cartons

under the authorization of the international tile Federation and registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China, the China Packaging Technology Association began to promote the use of the internationally used "corrugated product recycling mark" in China. Any enterprise that produces corrugated products that can be directly recycled for papermaking (such as no film covering or wax, etc.) can apply for the use of this mark. The enterprise applying for use can obtain the relevant certification certificate and report it to the Chinese customs, so remember to handle the deployment and filing carefully when choosing this one

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