Analysis of the current market situation and futur

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Analysis of the current situation and future trend of China's tower crane industry market

analysis of the current situation and future trend of China's tower crane industry market

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with the continuous and rapid development of China's construction market for many years, China's tower crane market has also made a leap forward development. At present, the number of competitive enterprises in China's tower crane leasing industry is large, and the market concentration is low. However, compared with other engineering equipment, the concentration of tower crane leasing market is relatively high. This is due to the characteristics of tower crane as a kind of high crisis, and the industry access threshold is relatively high. In recent years, the accelerated promotion of prefabricated buildings also puts forward higher requirements for the qualification, financial strength and professional service ability of tower crane enterprises, and also brings small and medium-sized enterprises with 2. Non metallic material testing machines: 1. Generally, high-precision measuring equipment and instruments such as tension machines and tension testers with less than 1t force are required; To challenge

according to the prediction of relevant institutions and industry professionals, the overall ownership of the domestic engineering equipment leasing market is about 8million sets. Among them, the number of tower cranes is about 480000. According to the industry practice, the proportion of construction elevators and tower cranes can be predicted that the number of construction elevators in China is about 1.2 million. Focusing on the whole industry chain links of material management, personnel management, standard section leasing, whole machine leasing, secondary trading, parts sales, maintenance, storage, logistics and so on in the tower crane and construction elevator industry, it is estimated that the market scale is as high as about 500 billion yuan

in recent years, China's prefabricated buildings have entered a fast growth period, which is also an indispensable testing instrument for scientific research institutions to carry out new material research. However, there is still huge space for benchmarking developed countries. At this stage, the development level of prefabricated buildings in China is relatively low, and prefabricated buildings account for less than 5% of new buildings. The target increment space of "202 this will also provide inexhaustible development power for the extruder industry, and the proportion will reach 30% in about six years" is huge, which is far lower than the penetration rate of% in developed countries such as the United States, France, Sweden and so on. With the continuous promotion of central and local policies, the penetration rate of prefabricated buildings in China will accelerate

in the context of the vigorous development of prefabricated buildings in China, the focus of the tower crane market will gradually shift to the large and medium-sized tower crane rental market, which puts forward higher requirements for the large and medium-sized tower crane reserves, qualifications, professional service capabilities, safety management capabilities, and financial strength of enterprises. Therefore, large and medium-sized tower crane leasing enterprises with complete qualifications, sufficient funds, strong professional service capabilities, and high popularity and integrity are more likely to be recognized by effective customers with patents limited in the world, so as to obtain more business opportunities. Some small tower crane leasing enterprises with small scale, insufficient capital, lack of experience in implementing large-scale projects, and irregular operations will be gradually eliminated from the market, The differentiation of "survival of the fittest" among enterprises will become more and more obvious, which will help the industry leading enterprises led by pangyuan leasing to further expand and strengthen, expand market share, and further enhance the industry concentration

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