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Analysis of the current situation of cigarette bag anti-counterfeiting (1)

anti counterfeiting plays an extremely important role in the packaging and printing industry. With the development of social economy, the packaging of high-end products such as tobacco, wine, medicine, cosmetics and so on has higher and higher requirements for anti-counterfeiting, which stems from the increasingly rampant counterfeiting phenomenon in the market and the prevalence of fake and inferior products. This phenomenon has seriously hindered the development of China's economy and interfered with the order of the socialist market economy. Due to the high profit of cigarette, a special commodity, the degree of counterfeiting is much higher than that of other commodities. For cigarettes, its anti-counterfeiting is mainly reflected through the outer packaging, so the anti-counterfeiting requirements of cigarette packaging are very high. How to use cigarette packaging for effective anti-counterfeiting is a major issue we face

in order to have a general understanding of the application of cigarette package anti-counterfeiting technology in the domestic cigarette packaging and printing industry, we interviewed several famous cigarette package printing enterprises in China, such as Dongguan Hucai Printing Co., Ltd., Yunnan Qiaotong packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., Daya Technology Co., Ltd. Danyang printing branch, Hunan jinshali Color Printing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jinjia Group Color Printing Co., Ltd Zhejiang Meinong silk printing Co., Ltd., etc. In addition, Mr. sunguifeng, general manager of the anti-counterfeiting design and printing center of Beijing banknote printing factory, has given great support to our work, and I would like to express my gratitude here. Wonderful cigarette bag anti-counterfeiting system

cigarette bag can be said to be the carrier of various anti-counterfeiting technologies. Because in the interview, we learned that the application of anti-counterfeiting technology by enterprises is not simply to use a certain technology fatigue testing machine to stop measuring the stretching of metal and alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, spiral moving parts, etc.) at room temperature, but that each printing enterprise uses a complete anti-counterfeiting system, including anti-counterfeiting technology, consumables With the help of software and other providers, a set of system integration consisting of anti-counterfeiting technology, detection methods and management methods is established to effectively prevent the proliferation of technology. Generally speaking, most of the processes used by manufacturers are similar, but their own unique anti-counterfeiting methods are used in process design and actual printing. At present, the main anti-counterfeiting methods used by cigarette packs are as follows

1. Prepress design anti-counterfeiting

the anti-counterfeiting design is carried out by using the software and equipment of famous brands such as foreign Barco, Montaigne and domestic founder through Nike grind's environmental protection technology plate making system

specific pre press anti-counterfeiting technologies include: Rainbow shading, relief shading, anti copy shading, gradient shading, lace, flower group button, border, miniature text, "mask unlocking" technology, rainbow multicolor printing, front and back face printing, etc

2. Printing process anti-counterfeiting

in the printing process, the combination of offset printing, printing, flexo printing and gravure printing is adopted, which makes the cigarette package printing more difficult and the anti-counterfeiting effect better. Increasing the complexity of the process has higher requirements for printing equipment, operation level and production capacity, and improves the difficulty of registration, which can effectively improve the difficulty of product imitation by small-scale manufacturers. But this is only the function of anti-counterfeiting while completing the printing. It is one aspect of anti-counterfeiting, not a professional anti-counterfeiting technology in the strict sense. Among these printing processes, engraving intaglio printing has better anti-counterfeiting effect. However, because the printing technology is easy to master, the overall anti-counterfeiting effect of process anti-counterfeiting is poor

3. Consumables anti-counterfeiting

in the consumables anti-counterfeiting process of cigarette packet printing, the anti-counterfeiting effect is mainly reflected by paper and ink

paper based anti-counterfeiting technologies mainly include: fiber paper (adding colored fiber in the paper manufacturing process, such as the "red plum" of Yuxi cigarette factory), holographic laser paper (including full-size holographic laser pattern paper and local positioning laser pattern paper, such as "a pen" of Qingdao Cigarette Factory and "Liqun" of Hangzhou cigarette factory)

the anti-counterfeiting technology based on ink is mainly to add anti-counterfeiting materials with special properties into the ink binder, and make special printing ink through special processing. This kind of anti-counterfeiting technology is characterized by simple implementation, low cost, good concealment, bright colors and convenient inspection. At present, the anti-counterfeiting inks used in cigarette packet printing mainly include: temperature change anti-counterfeiting inks (reversible color change: blue, green, black become colorless or colored, red become black; non invertible color: colorless become black, red, blue, etc.) Light change anti-counterfeiting ink (colorless anti-high temperature aging, component space stability and impact resistance ink, which displays bright purple, blue, yellow, etc. by colorless graphics and texts under sunlight or ultraviolet light; colored color change ink, which produces fluorescence and changes color under the excitation of long and short wavelength ultraviolet light), water change anti-counterfeiting ink and some special pearlescent and gold sand series inks. For example, the "national guest" (red) of Chuxiong cigarette factory, the "Big Red Eagle" of Ningbo cigarette factory, the "seven wolves" (pride) of Longyan Cigarette Factory, and the "one pen" of Qingdao Cigarette Factory

4. Post press processing anti-counterfeiting

post press anti-counterfeiting technologies include holographic positioning hot stamping technology (such as "Hongtashan" of Hongta Group, "Jinsheng" of Jiangxi cigarette factory, "Yunyan" of Kunming Cigarette Factory, and "Dahongying" of Ningbo cigarette factory), hot stamping concave convex one-time forming technology (such as "Dahongying" of Ningbo cigarette factory), two-dimensional embossing technology (such as "a pen" of Qingdao Cigarette Factory) Anti counterfeiting technology of plate pattern hot stamping (laser engraving fine texture on the hot stamping plate to achieve the effect that is difficult to copy, such as the blue "guest of honor" of Chuxiong cigarette factory)

at present, Dongguan tiger color adopts the post press processing technology of round pressing and hot stamping. The price of rotary pressing and hot stamping equipment is relatively expensive. At present, there are only 5-6 sets in the domestic market. Suitable for products with large hot stamping area. It can achieve the hot stamping effect of large area and thin lines. Combined with this equipment and process, the quality of hot stamping products is superior to that of other hot stamping products, and the result ratio is significantly different; In addition, the high price of the equipment also helps to prevent counterfeiting

5. Other anti-counterfeiting methods

commodity barcode is a kind of code of commodities, which is designed by human beings for the effective management of commodities such as computers. There are two kinds of bar codes with anti-counterfeiting function, invisible bar code and metal bar code, but this kind of technology is not suitable for consumers to identify directly. At present, the main bar codes in China are fixed codes, which are only specific to a certain brand or series. Recently, the industry has discussed the technology of using independent bar codes on each cigarette or even each box of cigarettes. Bar code is not only anti-counterfeiting, but also conducive to logistics and commodity sales

the code anti-counterfeiting identification and identification system is to set a random password on each product, record all incoming products and archive them in the anti-counterfeiting data center library, so that consumers can use, computers and other tools to check the correctness of the password to identify the authenticity of products. However, there are loopholes in the code anti-counterfeiting logo, and most consumers are unwilling to inquire, which leaves a gap for counterfeiters

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