Analysis of the current market situation and devel

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Analysis of the current market situation and development trend of the global automotive coating industry

analysis of the current market situation and development trend of the global automotive coating industry

June 3, 2019

analysis of the current market situation of the global automotive coating industry

in recent years, the global automotive industry has maintained a sustained growth momentum, and vehicle sales have increased for many consecutive years. By 2018, the global auto sales had reached 95.6 million, still at a high level. With the steady growth of global automobile sales, although automotive coatings are facing the threat of environmental problems and rising raw material prices, they still maintain a good development trend

sales statistics and growth of the global automotive market in 2018

according to BCC research data, the size of the global automotive coating market is expected to be about US $22.8 billion in 2018, and remains in the rising channel. It is estimated that by 2023, the global automotive coating market will reach US $27.3 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.6%

statistics and forecast of global automotive coating market size in

from the perspective of market segments, automotive OEM coatings and repair coatings still account for the vast majority of the global market, with a total proportion of about 70% in 2016; The proportion of coatings for auto parts in the world is 18%, and that for trucks, automobiles and other vehicles is 12%

in terms of regional distribution, the Asia Pacific region is the world's largest consumer market for automotive coatings, accounting for about 46% of global demand in 2016; The second is north and South America, accounting for 30%; Europe also accounts for more than 20%, about 21%; The Middle East and Africa account for only 3%

statistics of the regional distribution proportion of the global automotive coating industry

the market position of emerging countries has improved

in specific countries, due to the continuous expansion of automobile production and sales in emerging countries such as China and India, and the gradual improvement of the grade of cars, emerging countries are occupying an important position in the global automotive coating market. Multinational coating enterprises improve their sales channels and production capacity through mergers, acquisitions and infrastructure expansion, Continue to consolidate its market share in emerging countries

according to the statistical data of "China MDI is also used in paint production and marketing demand and investment forecast analysis report of China's automotive paint industry" released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the market demand of China's automotive original paint in 2010 has reached 216500 tons, showing a year-on-year growth trend. As of 2017, the market demand of China's automotive original paint has increased to 348200 tons. The average paint demand for each new car is about 12 kg/vehicle. It can be estimated that in 2018, the market demand for automotive original paint in China will reach 337000 tons. However, 75% to 80% of the market share is occupied by international brands. At present, the main automobile original paint manufacturers include Guanxi (Hunan, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenyang), BASF, DuPont, PPG, Nippon, KCC, etc. It can be seen that with the continuous refresh of China's auto sales, the demand for automotive original paint will also continue to increase

statistics of market demand for original automotive paint in China

in terms of enterprise competition, the amount of automotive paint accounts for a very important part of the paint output, generally second only to the amount of architectural paint. Therefore, coating manufacturers in various countries attach great importance to the development trend and development of automotive coatings. The production and technological development of automotive coatings have the tendency of collectivization and internationalization

the development direction of automobile bottom, middle and finish is different

in the 21st century, water-based and powder coatings will become the mainstream of automobile coatings, but the requirements of automobile bottom, middle and finish are different, each has its own emphasis, and the future development direction is also different

for the cathodic electrophoretic coating market, the corrosion resistance will be further improved in the future, and attention will be paid to improving the practicability of antirust steel plates and the antirust performance of car bodies; Improve the appearance quality of the comprehensive film, including electrophoretic primer, and tend to use thick film CED; In the occasion of painting high brightness (light color), solve the common problem of CED yellowing

for the middle-level coating market, the appearance decoration (smoothness) of the middle-level coating will be improved in the future, with a tendency of thick film; To improve the workability of thick film coating (anti bubble and sagging), there is a tendency to apply two intermediate coatings in the four layer automotive coating process with high decoration; The adjustment method of improving the intermediate coating is the cracking resistance. It is required that the intermediate coating, electrophoretic primer and finish paint are produced in this way, and the interlayer bonding is excellent, which can withstand the impact energy when impacted; The color of the intermediate coat is matched with the color of the top coat, with the tendency of colorization, and the decoration is being improved by improving the coating equipment; Meet the requirements of VOC regulations and realize low pollution

for the finish paint market, the weatherability of the car finish paint on the market is no longer a problem. In this regard, the work needed to be done is to develop new pigments with high weatherability and diversified colors. Although the manufacturers of automotive coatings in various countries have high efficiency in the conversion of light and energy, the main direction is to adopt various technical measures to improve the appearance decoration (high smoothness and high gloss) of car finish. In addition, it is high solid differentiation to improve its coating workability (anti bubble, sagging, one-time coating thickness) and meet the requirements of VOC regulations

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