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Analysis of the development status of endoscope industry the market scale is growing steadily

endoscope is a monitoring instrument integrating optics, ergonomics, precision machinery, modern electronics, mathematics, software, etc. it is a direct and effective medical device for medical personnel to observe the pathological tissue in the human body. As a result, some wood plastic projects are one of the worst household registration tablets after completion, and it has the advantages of high image definition and simple operation

the endoscope has experienced four major technological innovations, from the initial rigid tube endoscope (in), semi curved endoscope (in), fiber endoscope (after 1957) to today's electronic endoscope (after 1983). In addition to medical endoscopes, endoscopic minimally invasive medical instruments are based on endoscopes, including minimally invasive surgical instruments and supporting equipment such as cameras, monitors, cold light sources, etc

chart 1: endoscope development history experimental method for mechanical properties of welded joints gb2649 (2) 655 (1) 989

data source: prepared by prospective industry research institute

chart 2: endoscope product classification

data source: prepared by prospective industry research institute

at present, electronic endoscopes are mainly used for diagnosis and treatment, and the diagnostic function is mainly for clinicians to obtain real-time dynamic internal images through endoscopes, And obtain tissues through appropriate instruments for in vitro testing; The treatment function requires professional minimally invasive akoma to display its latest innovative composite surgical instruments for specific surgical treatment. With the development of technology, the scope of use of endoscopy has gradually expanded, and it is more closely combined with treatment. It is used more and more frequently in clinical diagnosis and treatment

chart 3: clinical application of endoscopes

source: the prospective industry research institute sorted out

it is late in China to carry out endoscopy and minimally invasive treatment, but the popularization speed is very fast, and the market scale of medical endoscopes is growing rapidly. According to the data, the output of medical electronic endoscopes in China continued to grow in, and the output of medical electronic endoscopes in 2016 was about 20900

chart 4: market output of China's medical electronic endoscope industry in (unit: Taiwan)

source: sorted out by the forward looking Industry Research Institute

however, in the field of hard mirrors, domestic enterprises are mostly concentrated in the middle and low-end market; In the field of soft mirrors, the three giants Olympus, Fuji and Pentax account for more than 90% of the market share in China

chart 5: analysis of the market share of soft mirrors in China

source: sorted out by the prospective industry research institute

with the deepening trend of aging in China and the increasingly serious environmental problems, the incidence rate of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases continues to rise, and the demand for endoscopy is also gradually increasing. However, China's long-term medical system of "treatment first and prevention second" has gradually changed to the direction of "prevention first and treatment second", and the demand for disease prevention and inspection has gradually expanded. With the deepening of medical reform, the grass-roots health system has been gradually improved, and endoscopic equipment has been gradually popularized in grass-roots medical institutions

future trend of endoscope industry

first, market demand will maintain growth. The industrialization of medical and health institutions has a bright future, and we need to be patient to adhere to the improvement of the system. The development of grass-roots medical institutions has promoted the popularization of endoscopic minimally invasive surgery technology in grass-roots medical institutions, and thus led to the development of the grass-roots medical device market, especially the demand for endoscopic products. However, compared with developed countries, the per capita share of medical institutions in China is low, and the scale of medical institutions will continue to grow, which will increase the annual renewal and new purchase demand of medical endoscopes and supporting surgical instruments

secondly, clinical application expanded and deepened again. In the future, the development of the medical product design industry will still be in the direction of intelligent and minimally invasive modern surgery. As an early and mature endoscopic minimally invasive surgery, its application in clinical practice will be further expanded and deepened. It will be applied to almost all types of general surgery, and become Otolaryngology, Gastroenterology It is an indispensable technology in the diagnosis and treatment of gynecology and obstetrics

third, combine with emerging technologies. With the continuous progress and update of medical technology, endoscope technology will also be integrated with many other emerging technologies. Through the design of endoscopes, products with more powerful functions will be derived, such as 3D endoscopes and capsule endoscopes. The combination of surgical robot, image, big data and endoscope system is a quite reliable scene that we can imagine at present

fourth, technology, intelligence and standardization are the future markets. Scientific and technological development is the general trend of the future development of the medical device industry. Many endoscopic enterprises are sparing no effort to give full play to their technological advantages, increase R & D investment, and accelerate the commercialization of R & D achievements

finally, enterprises, schools and hospitals should further strengthen the "industry university research" cooperation to promote the development of domestic brands. Enterprises and universities are the main bodies of domestic capsule endoscope R & D and innovation, and scientific research institutions are an important part. Therefore, strengthening the cooperation between enterprises, universities and hospitals in "industry university research" will help to improve the conversion rate of scientific research achievements and the product value of domestic products

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