Dare China's first 3D glass bridge challenge in Ni

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Dare China's first 3D "glass bridge" challenge in Ningxia?

speaking of the glass trestle, many people must think of the glass trestle in Zhangjiajie, where everyone was scared to pee. In addition to Zhangjiajie, the leading sky Gallery in Chongqing is also the best among the glass gallery in China. What does the glass plank road mean? As the name suggests, this bridge deck is made of glass, which is now a new type of tourism experience project

if the glass gallery is 3D, I'm afraid it will be more exciting. Every scene is lifelike in front of us, which is much more exciting than the glass gallery in Zhangjiajie. It can be said to be a hundred times more fun! This glass plank road is in Shapotou scenic area in Ningxia. If you are in Ningxia, you can experience it, or if you are traveling in Ningxia now, you can also experience it

3d glass bridge is on the Yellow River. The total length of the glass surface is 210 meters. Its predecessor was a cable bridge, which was later transformed into a glass bridge. Walking on the bridge, you can see the middle of the bridge. In the middle of the bridge is the pattern of the Yellow River flowing water, which is exactly the wonderful thing that attracts tourists. But the 210 meter long glass bridge is not all glass, which is divided into four sections. The leading section is a 75 meter glass passage, the second section is a 60 meter ultra white transparent glass trestle, then a 75 meter 3D, and the second section is a 60 meter white transparent glass

the international influence of the plastic extruder industry continues to rise. When it is opened, a large number of tourists come to experience it. Some people are still lying on the glass bridge. The width of the glass bridge is 2.6 meters. It is not too much problem for four people to lie on it. Without affecting other tourists, you can do this and lie on the glass bridge, Feel the rippling flow of the Yellow River below

this 3D glass bridge is composed of 61 transparent glasses and 77 3D picture glasses. There are two kinds of feelings about a bridge. When you come to the transparent glass, you can really see the Yellow River water flowing under it. When you come to the 3D glass bridge, it is thrilling. Although you know that the Yellow River water is not real, it is also full of a sense of picture, which makes people tremble and dare to stand on stones for fear of falling into the river! Such a thrilling bridge is beyond Zhangjiajie. Dare you challenge it

the first 3D glass plank road in China is located in Shapotou, Ningxia. Shapotou is a 5A scenic spot in China and a national desert ecological nature reserve. It is well known for its natural desert scenery, the ancient Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty and other cultural landscapes, and tourists come here every year. Such a desert spectacle should be the scene in the sentence: "it's a big expense for any factory. The desert is lonely and straight, and the long river falls into the yen"

when galloping in the desert, running here and riding camels, is it not a kind of enjoyment

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