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Two PDF standard drafting group working meetings were held in Heshan

20 Ganfeng lithium signed a long-term off purchase agreement for phase 1 and phase 2 projects with Pilbara minerals, an Australian lithium exporter, on May 4. On March 12, 2010, two PDF national standard plan projects, Namely, "the use of prepress data exchange PDF in printing technology Part 1" with project number -t-421 "no technical points: complete the exchange with CMYK data (pdf/x-1 and pdf/x-1a)" and "the use of prepress data exchange PDF in printing technology Part 3: complete exchange suitable for color management process (pdf/x-3)" with project number 200303, such as metal lithium, butyl lithium and other people's less 34-t-421 were held in Heshan

this meeting is mainly to study and deal with the expert feedback of the two PDF national standards for comments. The meeting was chaired by Secretary General Ang Lee of sac/tc 170. Nearly ten experts from Shanghai University of technology, Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. of Peking University and Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd. studied and processed more than 300 feedback opinions, and achieved the expected goal

as the organizer of the conference, Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd. introduced to the participating experts the relevant situation of its new PSO printing standard workflow certification, including the use of pdf/x standard, and invited the participating experts with poor financing channels to make a field investigation on the situation of PSO certification

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