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Data query method of PDM diagram document management subsystem

this paper introduces two data query methods of PDM system. One is the product based data query method and its implementation interface; The other is market-based product data query method and its implementation interface. This paper focuses on the relationship between PDM diagram and document management subsystem and other functional modules, and the relationship between data query and various functional modules of PDM system. It puts forward a market-oriented data query method, and also puts forward suggestions on how to use information construction to improve their market product competitiveness in the process of applying PDM system

I. preface

at present, PDM (Product Data Management) technology has been successfully applied in many manufacturing enterprises, and the technical standard of PDM system has gradually formed a specification in the industry to regularly check whether the wiring of the rear panel is loose. Among them, the drawing and document management subsystem is the easiest to realize on the technical level of PDM system, and its application is also the most mature on the implementation level. Most manufacturing enterprises and design and research enterprises can ensure the integrity, security and effectiveness of drawings and document data by applying the drawing and document management subsystem

through the implementation of PDM system, the discrete resources and island information in the enterprise are unified on the PDM platform. The design drawings and document data information required by the product design, manufacturing and logistics supply chain of the enterprise can be obtained from the drawing and document management subsystem. The most common way to obtain information is to query the data of parts, components and assembly products in the database. With the establishment of China's market economic system, domestic enterprises are facing the competitive pressure of market products. Enterprises not only need to produce products to meet the market demand, but also need to introduce new products to the market through technological transformation, shorten the product renewal cycle, and improve the market competitiveness of products. The query method of product data based on market demand came into being. It provides a kind of query method for enterprises to quickly respond to the market and develop or implement PDM systems

II. Product based data query method

1 The relationship between product data query and PDM system function module

the drawing and document management module of PDM system is a management subsystem applied in the enterprise design department. It is used to manage the electronic drawings, electronic documents and related product standard documents of the design department. At the same time, a large amount of product data generated by the design department in the design process is based on the product attribute (such as size, material, etc.) information Relationship (such as assembly, borrowing relationship, etc.) information and product status (such as design change, version, etc.) information are managed in parallel. Useful information is reflected in the interface of graphic document management subsystem, and product data is stored in the underlying database. The information required by other relevant departments (such as structure department and process department) can be obtained through the interface of the diagram and document management module. Although the data of these relevant departments are also stored in the database, these data are generally used as a consideration of data security

product data query method searches the qualified data in the database through standard SQL statements, and the data in the database exists in the form of records in two-dimensional tables. The content shown in Figure 1 describes the relationship between product data query and various functional modules of PDM system. Product information is first searched and obtained from the database through data query, and then transferred to other modules through the interface of PDM diagram and document management subsystem. It can be seen from Figure 1 that the data query method will have an important impact on the reuse of data in the product design drawing document management subsystem and the information transmission of other modules

Figure 1

this query method is based on the design product data that has been stored in the database. When the market demands a new type of product, enterprises can meet the needs of the market by querying existing products and improving the product data stored in the database

2. Product based data query process

product based PDM diagram document management subsystem data query method is a query process based on electronic safe and database. The electronic drawings (two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings) and documents describing the products are stored in the electronic safe, and the design information of the drawings is recorded in the database file through pointer description. The content stored in the database is based on the products, that is, all data centered on the products, and other data is auxiliary. Therefore, query data through the interface of the document management subsystem, and input the product content to be queried, generally including product code, drawing number (drawing number), project name of the product, drawing file name, etc. these contents are the query conditions. Query in the database through standard SQL statements, and the query speed depends on the number of records and computer hardware performance

the query result is clear and available information. For example, querying a part can solve the problem of parts under high chloride ion assembly parts. This kind of assembly relationship can automatically establish the BOM of products in the product structure module and process module, and the arranged process route should meet this kind of assembly relationship

3. Implementation of interface based on product data query

the whole query process is based on all design product data. Query in PDM system is not a single data query process. It needs to transfer the data information obtained by query to other modules. Generally, the query tool is embodied as a window in the implementation of management system interface, and the query conditions in the window are also determined by product code, project, drawing number It is composed of creator, drawing file type, creation date, approval date, security level and title block attribute, as shown in Figure 2

in the interface shown in Figure 2, the query content is multi conditional. For a PDM system software, whether the various relationships of product data can be displayed in the interface is a factor to examine the software maturity. The query method in the interface shown in Figure 2 provides accurate query and fuzzy query, which is convenient for users to query quickly. In addition, the result information obtained from the query can be displayed in a list in the window or can be directly printed to a paper document

the way to transfer the query result information to other modules is through interface switching. For example, the product query information result in Figure 2 can be switched through the product structure interface window to directly obtain the queried product information. For example, if the queried part information is a borrowed part in the assembly, you can directly query all the data information of this part by switching to the drawing file center interface, and you can directly query the product structure configuration information of the borrowed part and assembly by switching to the product structure interface

Figure 2

III. Market Based Product data query method

market based product data query method is based on the user's demand for products. Enterprises store all kinds of data of products users need in the database, which is led by market research and market sales. A large amount of data comes from the market analysis and prediction of similar products, and mainly from the direct needs of users. When the demand of products is formed before the order, the data of these products is accumulated by the salesperson, and the test data of similar products can also be obtained by the technical maintenance personnel at the user's site, and these data are immediately transmitted to the database of the enterprise design department through the local network or web network. The data accumulated through the product market is as important as the data based on the product. These data are separately stored in the database as a part of the basic data. The type of data is consistent with the design data accumulated by the enterprise for designers to query and call

market based product data is the market data supplement of enterprise product data. In the relationship between various functional modules of PDM system, the query method has also been improved. The product data query relationship based on market is shown in Figure 3

Figure 3

when the enterprise PDM diagram document management subsystem queries product data from the database, the content of market user product data has been added to the database. The data queried by the diagram document module query tool interface is the product data accumulated by the enterprise in the past and the product data accumulated by the enterprise through the market. These two kinds of data ensure that enterprise designers shorten the design cycle of new products and the market promotion cycle, Improve the market competitiveness of new products

other functional modules of PDM system still obtain the required product information from the diagram and document module. The information content queried by this query method also increases the actual demand information of users for new products. The size, shape, material and price information of products are more authentic, and the effect on other modules of PDM system is more obvious. Similarly, the data stored in the database by these modules is also considered for the safe backup of the whole PDM system

IV. application of market-based product data query method

the query interface window based on market product data should fully meet the requirements of quickly reflecting the market. In the graph document management subsystem, there should be a window based on market product data query. In addition to precise query and fuzzy query, the query method also adds a real-time query method

at the initial stage of product design, designers can query the demand data of new products in the current market through query tools, such as size, shape, specification and price, so as to fully consider the price, product technical information, maintenance information and other factors of similar products that already exist in the market for conceptual design, and then query and borrow the relevant data of similar products through the data center to obtain the product structure configuration information The process information and auxiliary document information form the product design data required by users, which will be put into production after being approved by users. This query method improves the passive design mode of modern manufacturing industry and improves the market anti risk ability of enterprises

the designer can also provide the product technical specifications customized at the user's site to the designer according to the product order needs of the sales department, or the technical maintenance personnel. The product data stored in the database is more accurate. The designer obtains the product data through the real-time query method in the software interface of the drawing and document management subsystem, and directly locates the data in the project to be designed. In this way, all the document data information under the product project forms the product structure tree information and transmits it to other modules of the PDM system. The design process between different departments is carried out synchronously through the network, which can greatly save the design cycle of the product required by the user

the content shown in Figure 4 is the product query software interface of the market-based diagram document management subsystem. The query conditions in the interface can be increased with the user's demand for new products, or the market conditions can be increased according to the prediction of the product market. The software interface displays the query results in the window or directly prints them to paper documents. The software interface provides the automatic positioning function of product query results, and compares the query results with the existing similar products in the PDM system. If the technical data of the main products of similar products are the same, the query results are automatically located in the projects of similar products, and a new set of products can be directly generated with only a small amount of changes

figure 4

v. conclusion

when enterprises begin to consider should

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