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Tai'an glass manufacturer Daquan

What are Tai'an glass manufacturers? Which glass manufacturer has better product quality? Which glass factory is good! The global glass manufacturers of Tai'an glass are as follows:

Tai'an Yu'an auto glass factory

Tai'an Yu'an auto glass factory is located at the foot of Mount Tai, the head of the five mountains. It is located in the Taishan youth entrepreneurship development zone of Tai'an City, adjacent to Beijing Fuzhou and the west station of Beijing Shanghai Expressway in the East. The company was founded in 2000 and covers an area of more than 60 mu. There are 86 employees and 12 professional technicians, with advanced CNC glass cutting machine, automatic cleaning machine, continuous hot bending furnace, advanced autoclave, single curve and double curve tempering furnace, water cutting and other production equipment. The main products are various specifications and models of passenger cars, cars, agricultural vehicles, engineering vehicles, windshield laminated glass, tempered glass, automotive bulletproof glass, architectural laminated glass and side window aluminum frame assemblies. The product obtained the national compulsory product 3C certification in 2003. At present, the annual production capacity of the enterprise is more than 120000 square meters. We always adhere to the business philosophy of "leading quality and leading users". We sincerely welcome all kinds of friends to visit and negotiate business

main business: Automobile tempered glass; Automobile laminated glass; Harvester glass; Crane glass; Electric vehicle glass; Ship glass

Tai'an Youli packaging products Co., Ltd.

our company's main products include various medical bottle caps, medical glass bottles and glass ampoules. Among them, medical bottle cap products have obtained registration certificates of five varieties: antibiotic bottles with aluminum-plastic composite caps, injection bottles with aluminum caps, infusion bottles with aluminum-plastic composite caps, oral liquid bottles with aluminum-plastic composite caps, and oral liquid bottles with tear pull aluminum caps. At the same time, it has passed the EU CE certification, ISO9001, ISO14001 international quality system certification, ensuring that the product quality meets and exceeds the relevant YBB or ISO international standards. Welcome new and old customers to visit, guide and audit our company

main production: aluminum plastic cover; Glass bottles; Ampoule; Medical packaging products

Tai'an jitway Materials Co., Ltd.

"At the same time, it is preparing to add sorting, cutting, grinding and granulation production in its Romeville headquarters factory.

Shandong Tai'an jitway Materials Co., Ltd. is a major processing enterprise of glass fiber materials. The leading products of glass fiber are mainly untwisted and multi twist roving series, short cut series, thermoplastic fibers. They are widely used in construction, transportation, electronics, aerospace and other fields of the national economy.

main business Production: glass fiber finished products and chopped wire

ar antireflection glass of Tai'an Baichao Glass Co., Ltd.

ar antireflection glass. Glass is one of the waterproof coatings with the best comprehensive performance at present. The company mainly produces and processes tempered special glass, high-temperature microcrystalline glass and AR antireflection glass. The products are widely used in lamps, Kitchenware and household appliances, automotive interiors, large-scale chemical equipment, CNC intelligent systems, fireplaces and other product fields. Fine process management has achieved stable quality, so that the company has been accepted and recognized by many of the world's top 500 enterprises. 2. Injection molding equipment: industry, and has become the designated supplier of many high-end brands in Europe. 70% of the company's products are exported, and now it has covered 6 continents and nearly 30 countries

main production: AR antireflective glass

Xinsheng glass

Tai'an Xinsheng glass industry is located in the "national garden city" "-- Xintai. Our factory specializes in producing all kinds of high, middle and low-grade glasses, double-layer glasses, single-layer glasses, crystal cups, vacuum cups, office cups, customized advertising quilts, gift cups, etc. we can print logos according to customer requirements, and undertake cups for group units. We adhere to the development concept of people-oriented and honest business, and give back to our customers in good faith. We sincerely welcome your presence or inquiry, and we look forward to cooperating with you.

Production: daily use glass

Qiangwei abrasive factory, Taishan District, Tai'an City

Shandong Taishan grinding disc factory, established in 2002, is a manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production and sales of diamond grinding and polishing abrasive tools (water grinding disc, renewal disc, dry grinding disc, soft grinding disc, etc.). The company has a research and development team with strong technical force and a group of professional skilled operators. It can independently develop and produce diamond water grinding tools with international advanced level. The products mainly include metal bonded diamond products and resin bonded diamond products. The company has always been in line with the principle of "people-oriented, customer". It has been 10 years since its establishment. We have continuously absorbed advanced production technology and management concepts at home and abroad, and successfully developed a series of influential products

main production: water grinding tablets; Renovate the film; Dry grinding disc; Shandong Xintai Zhihua industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Xintai Zhihua industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and processing of kitchen glass storage cans, seasoning bottles and other products, with a complete and scientific quality management system. Products are exported to Europe and the United States and dozens of other countries, and Yimeijia series is absolutely recognized by the industry. In recent years, Chinese people have higher and higher requirements for the safety and sanitation of kitchens, the use of high-efficiency polyurethane pultrusion process for manufacturing, and environmental protection. We are very pleased to see that our products are more and more accepted and recognized by Chinese people

main production: wine bottles, milk bottles, seasoning bottles, oil vinegar bottles, storage bottles

Tai'an Taihe Glass Co., Ltd.

specializes in the production of high borosilicate glass tubes, including cup tubes, milk bottle tubes, cigarette gun tubes, export tubes, electric light source tubes and other process tubes. Our company now has 8 modern all electric melting furnaces, which has a leading edge in technology in the industry. We can produce glass pipes with various diameters and wall thicknesses according to customer requirements. The quality of our products has been recognized by major customers in relevant industries

main production: high borosilicate glass tubes, mouth cup tubes, process tubes, milk bottle tubes

Tai'an shuntianli Glass Co., Ltd.

Tai'an shuntianli Glass Co., Ltd. is located at the foot of Mount Tai, which is famous at home and abroad, and is located in Tai'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The company is committed to the design, processing and sales of home appliance glass, range hood glass, lamp glass, instrument glass and other characteristic industrial glass, and can provide product design, processing and services according to the specific requirements of customers. The company has more than 100 employees. The main products of the company include: household appliance glass (refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, oven, microwave oven, disinfection cabinet), lampblack glass, lamp glass, instrument glass, etc. "High quality and high-grade" are the main characteristics of our products. Lean product quality has won a wide range of customers at home and abroad. The products are widely supported by LG, Siemens, Panasonic, Hitachi, Philips and other world top 500 enterprises, as well as well-known domestic enterprises such as Haier, Midea and Gree, and are exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia; The product quality has been widely praised by customers at home and abroad

main production: refrigerator glass; Lampblack glass

note: the above list of glass factories is sorted and released by the global glass industry

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