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Dare you eat 3D printed meat

in terms of eating, dare you eat 3D printed meat? The "modern ranch company" under singularity University invented a technology to print meat and skin in the laboratory, which is actually spraying and stacking ingredients containing meat fibrin into the shape of meat

according to Xinhua report from Seville, Spain, what will science be like in future life? In Seville, a famous cultural city in southern Spain, from March 12 to the reverse zigzag experimental machine, which is generally used for the compression resistance, pressure holding, bending resistance, tearing and peeling, adhesion, shear and other performance of metal and non-metallic composite materials and products, rubber and other industrial materials, a variety of new technologies were unveiled at the third European summit of singularity University held on March 14, showing the importance of science to the future of people's eating, housing And so on

singularity university is an institution established in Silicon Valley by American futurist Kurzweil and others, with the support of Google and other technology companies, aiming to explore the impact of future technology on mankind. It borrows the concept of singularity in mathematics and physics to indicate that future science and technology may have unimaginable progress today

this singularity University European summit was attended by more than 1100 scientists, entrepreneurs and representatives of various industries from more than 30 countries around the world, and discussed the problems faced by the world today, such as poverty, health, food, environment and space. Participants believed that in the next few years, great changes will take place in the field of science and technology that will change our way of life, which will be reflected in all aspects of daily life

in terms of eating, dare you eat 3D printed meat? The modern ranch company affiliated to singularity University invented a technology to print meat and skin in the laboratory, which is actually spraying and stacking ingredients containing meat fibrin into the shape of meat. The purpose of this research is to improve the global food supply capacity and save the consumption of water, grass, space and other resources caused by raising livestock. I wonder how the meat coming out of the printer will taste in the future? Dare you eat

3D printing can also show its skill in living. One project can use 3D printing technology to print construction waste powder into building materials. The houses built with these materials can be repaired or replaced to 3 floors in time, which has the advantage of reducing construction costs and construction waste

in terms of industry, electric vehicle scientists are trying to use "light pressure" to provide power. Cars are becoming more and more popular, but at present, there is still a waste of energy in the charging process of some electric vehicles. For this reason, American MPOWER company has invented a charger, which can charge electric vehicles with high efficiency. In addition, for ordinary cars, EMC automotive showed a kind of accessories, which can reduce fuel consumption by 30% and reduce exhaust pollution by one third when installed on ordinary cars

cars in the future are likely to be self driving. Videos of autonomous vehicle testing on the runway were broadcast at the venue. I only heard the scream of people sitting in the car as if they were riding a roller coaster, because when humans drive a car, they usually start to slow down when they are tens of meters away from obstacles, while autonomous vehicle have been driving at high speed, and they turn sharply when they almost hit obstacles, such as obstacles

in terms of health, a variety of equipment were also displayed at the meeting. For example, there is a device that can detect a variety of cancer cells in less than an hour with only a drop of blood

there are amazing bionic arms. American metalworking worker Akram was amputated due to an accident and installed a bionic arm. This convenient and flexible mechanical device made him return to normal life. He can tie shoes, pour wine, beat eggs, write and so on. However, this prosthetic hand that made him proud sometimes was not very accurate, and sometimes he crushed it when taking grapes

with the rapid development of science and technology, it has brought more and more convenience and happiness to people's lives, but at the same time, it also means many new challenges and uncertainties. For example, Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of apple, once said that artificial intelligence is developing rapidly. If computers are ten times smarter than us, and we have no ability to stop it, what should we do? This kind of problem should also be an aspect that human beings must think about in the process of moving towards singularity

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