The hottest EtherCAT whirlwind landed at Shanghai

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EtherCAT whirlwind landed at the Shanghai Industrial Expo

after EtherCAT was successfully released as China's recommended national standard on October 21, EtherCAT showed its charm as a real Chinese market standard at the Shanghai Industrial Expo

36 square meters of ETG joint booth showed a wonderful replay of the national standard press conference at the most eye-catching position, which attracted many visitors. This is a great news for manufacturers and users who have chosen to implement EtherCAT technology. EtherCAT has been recognized by the national standard and is completely localized, which also makes it easier for more users to learn, implement and apply. In addition to the exhibition of EtherCAT's technical characteristics, nearly 20 joint exhibitors showed more than 40 kinds of EtherCAT master stations and slave station products, which showed the openness of EtherCAT to further improve the graphene technology innovation system and industrial cluster

however, ETG's joint booth only shows a small part of EtherCAT's features, and more EtherCAT products are distributed in hall W1, the first tier of industrial control. From the mainstream manufacturers at home and abroad: abb, Lenz, Omron, ACS, m m m, LTI, VIPA, Sanyo Electric, heyouxun, CoDeSys, Beckhoff, Elmo, servotronix, HMS, SMC and other foreign enterprises, as well as from the local automation product providers Ourui, inveterate, Advantech, Ouchen, Delta electronics, Hexin, Gu high tech, Han laser, Xinhan computer, rexay, Yiche, Qingneng Dechuang and others proudly displayed their EtherCAT products. Of course, more Chinese enterprises are in the process of intense research and development of EtherCAT products. Except from 8 The preparation and utilization technology of other new materials, such as superconductors and high-efficiency batteries, has many applications abroad, and the application of EtherCAT in China has also moved towards a new milestone. For example, the new Shida robot exhibited in the robot Museum of the Industrial Expo, whose complete control system is built by the EtherCAT master-slave station products independently developed by xinshida, which shows the real availability of EtherCAT technology from the final end

ethercat rotary cylindrical gear drives the swing rod to do ± 90 ° rotary wind landing in Shanghai International Industrial Expo

although EtherCAT technology is more advanced, higher transmission efficiency and its flexibility, ease of use and openness make it favored by more manufacturers and users. But now, for the end-user technical parameters, it is more important to build a unified communication platform with global standards. Only with the support of enough manufacturers and products can a technology be qualified to become a platform. EtherCAT has the most member support and product support in the global industrial Ethernet field. Now EtherCAT whirlwind has landed at the Industrial Expo to show its universality in China. Choosing EtherCAT platform will directly benefit end users: a unified platform can simplify the system, reduce costs (better bargaining power), and obtain the best performance and flexibility of the system. Adopting global standards will lay a solid foundation for Chinese local products to go global

etg received the cooperation intention from more manufacturers at the Industrial Expo, hoping to display its EtherCAT products on the ETG joint booth. We also hope to make better use of this platform to show the charm of EtherCAT more comprehensively for Chinese users, help Chinese users understand and use EtherCAT, and make EtherCAT not only an IEC international standard, semi industry standard, GB national standard, but also a recognized standard in the market, The real Chinese standard will contribute to accelerating the transformation of China's manufacturing industry and the integration of industrialization and industrialization

about EtherCAT Technology Association (ETG)

EtherCAT Technology Association is an organization that supports, promotes and improves EtherCAT technology from important users and leading automation suppliers in various industrial fields. With more than 2900 member companies from 58 countries, EtherCAT Technology Association has become the world's largest fieldbus organization. The association, founded in 2003, is also the fastest growing fieldbus organization

about ethercat:

ethercat is an industrial Ethernet technology, which is characterized by high performance, low cost, simple and flexible topology. This technology was introduced into the market in 2003 and became IEC international standard and semi standard in 2007. EtherCAT is an open technology: anyone can implement or use it

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