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Ethernet solution helps Suzuki Automobile Factory integrate assembly and painting process

project introduction

Magyar Suzuki RT. factory in Hungary has produced more than 500000 vehicles since 1992, and has been the leader of Hungary's emerging automotive market for six years. Suzuki produces 1/4 of the cars sold in Western Europe, and exports more than 50000 cars every year. Recently, Magyar Suzuki factory plans to upgrade the control system of its assembly and painting workshop. Since the automobile factory must maintain a meticulous and accurate production process, it is necessary to establish a reliable and redundant electronic management system to improve production efficiency without sacrificing production safety

system requirements

at present, the assembly workshop of Magyar Suzuki factory has a total of 9 sub assembly stations, and the equipment of each sub assembly station is controlled by a main PLC. Each main PLC communicates with other main PLCs and data servers through optical fiber Ethernet. As each vehicle in process enters the assembly line, the in (vehicle identification number) on the RFID tag of the component will be read. The main PLC connects with the data server through Ethernet to exchange WIP information, and obtains all required vehicle information through Ethernet local area

moxa's solution

the factory assembly workshop adopts a double redundancy concept of assembly line network. The main communication network in the assembly station and spraying station is a redundant ring built by moxaeds-408a-mm-sc tubular exchange unit. If any link in the ring is disconnected, the network will automatically resume communication within 20ms, and eds-408a-mm-sc will also send error messages to the administrator. In addition, each main PLC is connected with two independent switches to realize equipment redundancy

the Ethernet formed by eds-408a-mm-sc switch constitutes a fully integrated system, which can realize assembly workshop, painting workshop and data service 2 According to the size of all finished products is too large or too small to adjust the operation process synchronization between machine conditions. Magyar Suzuki factory is further considering using moxa wireless products to achieve a complete mobile network. The engineer of the company said "By using wireless products, our devices can move flexibly and frequently as needed without worrying about communication problems, which is very important to us.

why choose moxa?

using turbo ring can ensure that the network can be restored within 20 ms. the perfect network redundancy makes the communication network of automotive assembly lines more reliable

eds-408a-mm-sc supports parallel interfaces, which are often used to connect extraction equipment Multimode optical fiber communication (such as printers) is suitable for the long-distance and multi interference use ring of automobile factories. With the continuous deepening of national environmental governance, the friendly web setting interface of eds-408a series makes it easier for users to configure the network

alarm through email to ensure real-time monitoring of network conditions

application products: eds-408a

plug and play turbo ring, rapid recovery time within 20 milliseconds

support QoS, port based VLAN, Sn replacement protection column mpv1/v2c/v3, remote monitoring

automatic warning exception output through e-mail and relay

user friendly network-based configuration and management

long distance transmission (end)

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