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Eshan power supply emergency repair Transformer restores power supply to more than 20 users

Dai Yike, China Power News correspondent, reported at 10:00 on July 14, ”Nanfang power 95598 "The service received a repair report from the customer, saying that there was no power in the whole village of shangjinya village in Eshan, Yuxi Eshan Power Supply Bureau Shuangjiang power supply station immediately organized emergency repair personnel to drive to shangjinya village. After preliminary inspection, it turned out that the failure of Jinsha public transformer on the 10 kV Shiquan line in Eshan led to the power failure of more than 20 villagers in shangjinya village. After the failure occurred, Lin Yunfei, the leader of the first emergency repair team of distribution operation and maintenance of Eshan Power Supply Bureau in Yuxi, immediately organized a emergency repair team, with the fastest speed Rush to the scene of an important strategic opportunity that is still in development, and solve problems for customers

in order to restore the power supply as soon as possible, the emergency repair personnel, led by the team leader Lin Yunfei, carried out a series of investigations on the faulty transformer. First, check whether the load current and operating voltage of the transformer are normal, whether there is oil leakage, whether the oil color and temperature exceed the allowable value. Then the high and low voltage porcelain tubes of the transformer were checked to see whether they were clean, whether there were cracks, damages and flashover discharge traces, whether the wiring terminals had poor contact and overheating, whether the shell was well grounded, and whether the transformer had uniform buzzing electromagnetic sound... After checking the transformer fault, the emergency repair personnel and monitor Lin decided to replace a new transformer

after 13 hours of troubleshooting and emergency repair of flame retardant 2.0~3.0, the emergency repair personnel completed the task of replacing the transformer at 00:07 a.m. on July 15. The villagers who lost power finally "got light"

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