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Esmart service reform spirit - Aixun technology high-performance embedded computer platform

as one of the main members of Intel Communications Alliance, Axiomtek provides the best solution for network communication and embedded trial application platform. At present, it focuses on the application computer platform market and provides efficient, flexible architecture and highly competitive products

the whole line of embedded products

the embedded single board computer of Aixun technology is equipped with microprocessor of Pentium M to Pentium III or Celeron pci/isa interface and full function features of Ethernet and VGA (video image display). When pc/104 module components provide core engines or core circumference such as VGA, Ethernet 1, and equipment should be placed in dedicated room network, data acquisition system, PCMIA transmission, etc., LPX format decomposition accommodates four or more power sequence ports, including digital i/os, SSD, LAN (area network) and LCD (LCD screen, etc.)

according to different needs, we can produce embedded motherboards of different sizes, including 3.5 ", 5.25", mini itx, LPX or pc/104 modules, as well as STX modules and backplanes. According to the specifications of embedded motherboard, Aixun technology also designs a series of embedded industrial chassis Microbox and fan free system ebox including motherboard. Due to the sharp reduction of the sectional area of some areas, the embedded products of aisun technology must be equipped with tools that meet your plan. It has established a broad and diversified embedded product line in the manufacturing, sales, testing, measurement, automated office, transportation, retail, medical and health care, banking, entertainment, consumer instruments, road communication market and other industries

esmart service reform spirit

pressure maintaining control error ≤ 0.5%; Adhering to the reform spirit of aisun technology, we have established esmart service, which is designed to develop a customized backplane for users of standard som''s (module system) and embedded operating system. It can provide you with a platform solution in a very short period of time and in a low investment threshold. Through esmart service, you can complete three online engineering samples within 30 days from the confirmation of your order. Using esmart service, customers can reduce the time and cost of the general research and development process by about 85%

cutting edge embedded system ebox - fanless and wide temperature, high efficiency

aisun technology spared no effort to meet the needs of customers, developed and launched a series of fanless and wide temperature

(extended temperature) and low noise, low power consumption ultra-thin embedded systems (ebox), with high system stability

and the ability of system watchdog self detection, to meet customers' requirements for high efficiency, low power consumption Wide temperature and zero noise requirements and suitable for harsh environment

among them, ebox738-fl, ebox745-fel300, ebox745a-efl300, and ebox746-fel can be selected. The built-in low-power fanless motherboard brings a highly stable and reliable system for applications in special fields such as data transmission, network applications, mobile systems, etc. All applications are based on Pentium m/ns geode/via Eden processors. This high-efficiency and low-cost CPU has a dominant frequency from 300MHz to 1.4GHz It can be freely selected, and the operating temperature can be -20-60 degrees, which is suitable for all kinds of harsh applications. Support multiple serial ports, 2.5 "hard disk interface and CompactFlash. Fanless design is the best solution for low-power PC. It has flexible configuration and can use Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE or Linux operating system

characteristic embedded boards - Fan free wide temperature, dual display multi serial port

Aixun technology has several embedded boards with fan free wide temperature or dual display multi serial port characteristics

among them, there are 5.25 "board represented by sbc83810, Intel Pentium M processor, dual display (different display content and resolution), 4com, and support sata-150; 3.5 "board represented by sbc84600, eden/c3 processor, 4com, CF PC104; The POS special board represented by sbc856a1 has many problems that plastic materials conforming to green packaging cannot be used in a large area. Via ULV eden/c3 processor "has no fan (low power consumption, wide temperature), dual display, 6com, and supports sata-150. This board is particularly suitable for financial and multimedia terminals

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about aisun

aisun Co., Ltd. is a leading designer/manufacturer of international industrial computer series products. Based on data acquisition and control, it has developed into industrial automation solutions for design and manufacturing in different fields. The products are widely used in industrial automatic operation, data capture system, digital video surveillance (DVR), medical industry, military defense, banking, entertainment industry, transportation industry, pos/poi, kiosk, humanized mechanical interface (HMI), road communication, telecommunications industry, road storage application equipment and other industrial markets

aisun Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, and aisun technology is its branch in China. Aisun head office has more than 200 employees, with a total of more than 80 employees in subsidiaries in the United States, China, Germany and France, and more than 60 dealer partners around the world. Aisun provides IPC (industrial computer), ECP (embedded single board computer), PPC (tablet computer), DAC (data acquisition scheme), IA (industrial automation), Na (network application platform) and NAS (network storage device), etc., with more than 400 series products

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