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Langshen isoftcall middleware is based on the unified agent model of webrtc and VoIP

in recent years, cloud voice for voice applications has become a trend. Langshen isoftcall middleware deploys a soft switch engine in the cloud, and the middleware provides a cloud based OpenAPI interface based on HTTP to realize various voice media capabilities of the call center. In terms of relay access, IMS line access of operators is realized through configuration, Or realize localized trunk line access through off registration. In the agent application mode, langshen isoftcall middleware provides a variety of agent modes based on webrtc, VoIP and local extensions, so that the werbrtc agent application of the call center can be realized in the pure page even if there is no VoIP extension

the contact terminal of Lang connecting column cannot be mixed with a deep isoftcall call center middleware. In the upgraded version, webrtc agent is realized based on websocket constant connection and ice penetration network to avoid loosening, resulting in an instant shutdown and damaging the application framework of refrigeration compressor. It realizes the communication between agents under NAT in the interconnected environment. In this mode, agents are directly embedded in the page, so VOIP or local extension is not required, and the project implementation is simple, It has obvious advantages in some distributed cloud applications. Isoftcall middleware realizes the unified model of local MSI agent, VoIP agent (using VoIP phone or eyebeam and other soft clients) and webrtc agent. This unified architecture makes the call center compatible with the traditional agent deployment method at the same time

webrtc agent of langshen isoftcall call center middleware has a wide range of application scenarios in cloud distributed applications such as education and elderly care:

1) primary and secondary school education application platform: on some education platforms, through webrtc page agent, the distribution of incoming calls and the communication between departments in various teaching and research departments and offices of the school can be realized, In this way, we don't need to deploy VoIP extensions between each department to optimize and enrich our materials and colorant products through unremitting innovation, just configure them on the platform suitable for plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials

2) the integration capability in the elderly care application platform can realize the voice call of intelligent terminal. Webrtc seat mode can be adopted, so there is no need to deploy the phone in the nursing home. Only WiFi and other network environment are required, and the line is accessed to the langshen isoftcall platform through the o-port. After configuration, incoming calls can be allocated to webrtc seats, realizing the typical elderly care call center application

3) multi enterprise application of the industry call center cloud platform: many industries deploy the call center on the cloud platform to realize the sharing of the cloud platform by multiple enterprises. In some business applications, due to the distributed characteristics of the client, it is difficult to achieve localized extension deployment. Webrtc extensions embedded in the page can be used to solve this problem

langshen technology has been deeply cultivated in the field of call center middleware for more than ten years, and has a wide range of user groups. Its isoftcall voice middleware already has a very powerful call center function. We will work with the majority of system integrators to provide seat landing solutions for cloud call centers for more industries

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