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ESOON aius video intelligent unified platform

1 Technical proposal

1.1 Scheme overview

esoonai due to the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries, the US video intelligent unified platform is a one-stop solution for video customer service in the financial field independently developed by Yixun Information Technology Co., Ltd

aiu in order to help users use the equipment more flexibly, s (AI unified service) is an intermediate platform for unified access to AI intelligent services for solutions, apps, video applets and pages. Provide a unified AI capability interface for business systems, and the capabilities of all AI server components can be flexibly arranged. The audio and video intelligent unified platform supports the conference mode of multi-party access, which can not only be included in the AI intelligent seat, but also be dynamically switched out to the manual seat

1.1.1. Advantages of the scheme

genesys system seamless integration: through the docking with the Genesys platform, support the unified configuration, unified management, unified routing, unified monitoring and unified reporting of all channels, including voice, video, customer service, social media, etc; Provide a unified standard for the daily operation and management system of all media

full Platform SDK solution: provide applet, Android, IOS, seat side (H5, c#, c++, Linux) SDK and server-side API. Users can deeply integrate with existing businesses based on highlevelapi, or quickly integrate with business systems based on simple API

provide video customer service communication capability: the video resolution of mobile terminal and customer service terminal can reach 1080p Full HD; One to one video call and multi-party video call; Video customer service disconnected and reconnected; Session retention; Session transfer; Customized video layout of client and seat end; Scan the code to join the video call

video recording: mixed recording of users and customer service; Users and customer service record independently; Superimpose watermarks (text, picture, timestamp) on the video

desktop screen recording: the operator's desktop operation records the screen separately. The user's business system can control the start and stop of the screen recording according to the business scenario. The screen recording file can be superimposed with anti-counterfeiting watermarks (text, pictures, time stamps)

video customer service business application ability: Video customer service remote assistance; Video customer service remote sharing application; Remote desktop sharing on mobile terminal; Electronic signature; Seat side desktop recording screen; User mobile terminal screen recording; Text and expression message sending

ai virtual video customer service: provide AI virtual video customer service, which can be integrated with the user's existing AI (ars/tts/nlp/face recognition/microexpression recognition, etc.), and can be applied to a variety of business fields and can adhere to the clear and visible scene for a long time

customized development service: help customers with demand analysis, demand design and customized development according to their business scenario needs

full service solutions: provide business solutions based on video customer service system, including but not limited to video customer service soft quenching, which is beneficial to the shaping of plastic extrusion layer, video customer service workbench, real-time data statistics of video customer service, historical data statistics, etc

1.1.2. The overall scheme

has many years of experience and construction cases in the construction of video customer service. The core of the video customer service integration scheme is to integrate with the existing call center system to achieve multi-channel access, unified all media routing, unified reporting, unified management, unified scheduling, etc. Product structure and description

the video customer service platform not only provides customers with video customer service capabilities, but also reserves AI virtual video customer service integration capabilities

us system diagram

c+genes+imcc+crm network architecture diagram

1.1.5 Video customer service call flow chart

the video customer service system through the Genesys system, after the user initiates the call, carries on the unified routing, unified queuing call process

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