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ESUN Yisheng once again has launched a new product! Ebamboo green new materials

Preface: wood plastic composites are made of polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other raw materials instead of the usual resin adhesives, and then mixed with waste plant fibers

when it comes to environmentally friendly green materials, wood plastic composites are the right ones

in recent years, wood plastic composites have expanded to housing construction and wood plastic furniture; Small to garden design decorations, wood plastic toys It has proved its wide application and green environmental protection

with the increasing scarcity of global forest resources, wood plastic composites are also greatly slowing down the pollution of waste from the perspective of production raw materials. With this "green" concept, wood plastic composites are also favored by many 3D printing enthusiasts in the 3D printing industry

on September 6, 2017, the Antarctic bear learned that eSUN Yisheng independently developed a polymer based wood plastic composite, which is a new type of material composed of pretreated plant fiber or powder and polymer resin matrix, called [ebamboo bamboo line]. Let's learn about this latest product

about ebamboo bamboo lines

1. This product has a frosted appearance, excellent melt fluidity, smooth printing process and no wiredrawing

2. It has wood texture, and is high imitation wood with wood aroma

3. Renewable, insect proof and anticorrosive, sprayable, etc., long service life, very green and environmental protection

4. It is recommended that the model should not stay at the nozzle too long, otherwise the wood flour will expand and burn

drawing comparison between bamboo powder (left) and wood (right)

performance index


Test Method


ebamboo line


ASTM D 792



melt index (220 ℃/10kg)

ASTM D 1238


according to our waste paper gap repair calculation

technical transformation

tensile strength

ASTM D 638



elongation at break

ASTM D 638


bending strength

ASTM D 790



bending modulus

astm D 790



izod notch impact strength

astm D 256



thermal deformation Temperature (0.46mpa)

ASTM D 648


printing parameters

best printing temperature: 200~220 ℃

bottom plate temperature: 25~70 ℃

feed speed: 20~90mm/s

idle walking speed: 90~150mm/s

printing precautions

1 The printer backplane must be leveled before printing

2 fatigue testing machine has many advantages over traditional testing methods Before printing, heat the hot bed to 25~70 ℃, paste transparent gold polyimide high temperature resistant tape on the surface and keep the surface of the tape clean

3. Keep the best distance between the nozzle and the bottom plate all the time (it is best to draw a flat ribbon line "cool skin shape" when the nozzle spits material on the bottom plate; it is in the shape of a dragon's whisker when it is a little far away, and it is not allowed to discharge material when it is too close)

4. When printing, the lower filling rate can alleviate the shrinkage and cracking of ebamboo bamboo lines

5. It is suggested that the layer thickness should not be too smaller than the nozzle diameter. Try parameters such as 0.2, 0.25, 0.3

6. It is best to turn off the cooling fan when printing; It can print in an enclosed space. Add a baffle around the printer to maintain the best constant temperature effect of the printing environment

ps: this material has a high filling ratio when printing, and the lines have a certain brittleness. Try to avoid pulling, winding and other situations; In addition, the lines are easily hygroscopic and damp, so it is recommended to dry them before reuse after the package is opened

application field

ebamboo bamboo line is green and environmental friendly, with long service life. It has the characteristics of renewable, pest prevention and corrosion prevention, and can be sprayed. It can be used in building materials, automobile industry, packaging and transportation of goods, warehousing, decorative materials, daily household appliances, etc

join hands with green to create the future

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