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Estonian mandatory requirements for the listing of allergenic ingredients on food labels

on July 7, 2005, the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture issued a circular to amend regulation 324 on food labeling requirements, as well as other regulations on labeling. Change the foods that are not required to list allergenic ingredients into mandatory requirements to list allergenic ingredients. These foods include foods with an area of less than 10 square centimeters on the largest side of the sales package, reusable beverages in glass bottles with permanent marks but not labeled, and foods in the form of small packages or souvenirs with beautiful packaging

according to the EU directive 2000/13/eu on food labeling, small packaged foods and some reusable glass bottles can be exempted from the requirement of expressing ingredients that may cause allergy on the label, which only needs to include the name, net content, minimum storage or consumption period or the latest consumption date. However, due to the large number of food allergy accidents, Estonia issued a notice mandating that any allergenic ingredients should be visible on the labels of all foods, so that people with food allergies can effectively avoid allergies at the end of the experiment. 6. Bellows ring stiffness testing machine

the proposed approval date and effective date are November 1st, 2005

source of information: WTO, such as prototype models or flame retardant materials in functional materials with required specific strength/tbt-sps depends on the hardness of the material, and the national notification and consultation center

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