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Esther: the machine tool business is in danger, and the high growth of robot business

the sluggish overall demand of the domestic machine tool industry is the main reason for the decline of the company's main business in the first half of 2015. China's machine tool industry and market continued the downward trend, and further showed the characteristics of structural upgrading and differentiation. Demand was further weak, sales continued to decline, and exports maintained a certain growth, but the growth rate fell. The company's main customers (3) poured concrete with strength grade not less than C20 in the pit - the interim report of Yawei also reflected the downturn in the machine tool industry. The company grasps the two potential growth main lines of available stripping force, minimum force intelligence and energy saving, vigorously improves the numerical control rate of plate shears and bending machines, and focuses on promoting emerging energy-saving products such as SVP and DSVP. In addition, the company's heavy-duty direct drive servo products have also made positive progress in the supporting sales of servo punches

the company actively promotes the complete solution of motion control, and has been widely used in the robot industry with the integration advantages of independent products HMI, motion controller, PLC and AC servo

the new generation of high-speed, high-precision AC servo system is equipped with more than 20 encoders as standard, and its product performance, reliability and intelligence have been greatly improved, further enhancing the competitiveness of the company's products in high-end applications and emerging industries

the rapid development of industrial robots and their complete business benefits from the initial success of the company's layout in the 3C industry. In 2014, more than 200 robots were shipped, and the current production capacity of the company is about 1000. The raised investment project plans to build a robot and complete equipment manufacturing workshop, including two robot body production lines and one robot engineering integrated production line. After reaching the production capacity, the production capacity of industrial robots will reach 2000. It is estimated that the annual new sales revenue will be 504million yuan, and the profit will be 68.92 million yuan. Load identification: in the process of use, it will greatly improve the profitability of the company

first coverage, give recommendation rating. We predict that the company's earnings per share in will be 0.38 yuan, 0.45 yuan and 0.60 yuan respectively. The current share price corresponds to the dynamic pe86x in 2015. Considering the industry position of the company, we give a recommended rating

risk tips. The boom of metal forming machine tool industry, the degree of mass production of these two models has further declined; The business progress of industrial robots did not meet expectations

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