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EtherCAT p - ultra high speed communication and power system are integrated in one cable

ethercat P integrates EtherCAT Industrial Ethernet protocol and peripheral voltage in one cable. In addition, EtherCAT P can supply power directly through the device. Combined with the high performance and flexible and unrestricted topology of EtherCAT communication system, EtherCAT P has become an ideal bus system for sensors, actuators and measurement technology. Through this single cable automation solution, the material and assembly costs can be reduced, and the installation space of streamers and control cabinets can be minimized, thereby reducing the volume of the machine

at this year's SPS IPC drives exhibition, Biff will show A. sample data: provide user set sample data, and integrate EtherCAT communication and power system in a standard four core Ethernet cable through EtherCAT P. This space saving technology integrates the 24 V DC power supply of EtherCAT P slave station with the signals and data of the connected sensors and actuators. In addition, the system electrically isolates us (system and sensor power supply) and up (actuator peripheral voltage) from each other, and can provide maximum 3A current for the connected components respectively

ethercat retains all its advantages, such as free choice of network topology, high speed, optimal bandwidth utilization, instant message processing, high-precision synchronization and a wide range of diagnostics. The current of us and up is injected directly into the conductor of 100 mbit/s cable, which enables a very economical and compact connection

ethercat p: from 24V sensor to 600V driver

ethercat P has the advantages of connecting small and remote i/o stations to terminal boxes and realizing distributed processing of local i/o components. It covers all applications from 24 V i/o level to 400 V AC or 600 V DC drives with a maximum current of 64 a. In addition, Beifu has specially developed a series of plug connectors for EtherCAT p to ensure that it can be correctly connected to the standard EtherCAT slave station

single cable automation

due to its ability to transmit higher current, EtherCAT P paved the way for automation without control cabinet. Through single cable technology, automatic components or small terminal boxes use a cable and corresponding branches to receive necessary control data and power, so that large control cabinets and electrical cabinets are not required. In the future, EtherCAT P product portfolio can be further expanded through various basic components

ip 20 and IP 67 system components

EtherCAT P, which is composed of basic components, i/o system, cables and plug-in connectors, further enriches Beifu's product series. For example, The new EPP series EtherCAT P terminal box provides a variety of iczarnecki said: "New honeycomb core and organic plywood materials will have various advantages in reducing weight, reducing cost, improving performance and improving design flexibility/o products can be used directly on site and installed outside the electrical cabinet. These compact and durable IP 67 are very critical for cleaning after each use. I/o modules cover a wide range of signals, from standard digital i/o to complex analog and measurement technologies.

EtherCAT, an open industrial Ethernet technology developed by Bifu, was first introduced in 2003 and has become an international IEC and semi standard since 2007. EtherCAT P specifications are published through the independent global agency EtherCAT Technical Association

ethercat P technical highlights:

ethercat and 2 x 24 V DC (up, US) are integrated in a four core Ethernet cable

daisy chain power supply is realized through EtherCAT P equipment

reduce material and assembly costs

minimize the volume of streamers, control cabinets and machines

expandable connector series from 24 V to 600 V, maximum current 64 A

excellent EtherCAT performance, Reduce the connection cost

retain the flexible EtherCAT network topology

picture notes:

for the field level single cable solution ethe this paper mainly introduces the common experimental method of the lower film tensile testing machine RCAT P integrates EtherCAT communication, system and peripheral voltage into a cable

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