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Photovoltaic equipment manufacturing market: rich automation market opportunities

the world photovoltaic manufacturing equipment market exceeded US $5billion in 2008. It is expected that by 2013, it will be divided into the following three categories: the number will reach US $9billion. The Asian market, especially in China, is expected to become a major growth driver, accounting for half of the total PV manufacturing equipment in 2013

most PV manufacturing equipment suppliers believe that this market will move to Asia in the near future. By relocating production equipment to Asia, its labor cost can be minimized. In addition, due to the increasing number of users of photovoltaic equipment in Asia, this will also help to reduce transportation costs

one of the first tasks for end users of photovoltaic power generation equipment is to minimize the cost per watt of batteries and components. Equipment manufacturers take the cost of having cheaper labor in the Asia Pacific region as the quality advantage in water, so as to reduce the cost of the overall equipment and improve the efficiency of the equipment. Of course, this is just a method. Another way is to improve the performance of factory automation

more and more automation technologies in photovoltaic production process are used to reduce cost and damage rate, while improving efficiency and throughput

the automation market share of photovoltaic module production equipment is estimated to have just exceeded US $450million in 2008 and is expected to grow to more than US $1.2 billion in 2013. Traditional industrial markets such as automobiles and machine tools continue to be affected by the global economic downturn. However, the photovoltaic production equipment market has ushered in a glimmer of dawn in this environment

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