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EtherCAT Technology Association (ETG) and many member units appeared at the 2012 Beijing International Industrial Automation Exhibition

on June 20, 2012, the annual Beijing International Industrial Automation Exhibition ia Beijing (formerly fa/pa) was grandly opened in the National Conference Center, and the China Representative Office of EtherCAT Technology Association (ETG) participated again with 12 member units at home and abroad, It has brought more mature products and applications to industrial control colleagues who are interested in EtherCAT technology. Beijing Lear recently announced that at the same time, ETG joint booth has increasingly become a forum for end users, equipment manufacturers and control technology suppliers from different fields to communicate and exchange with each other. Elongation> 350%

at the three-day exhibition, Beckhoff, Omron, Lenze, Sany look forward to cooperating with you. Foreign automation manufacturers such as o Denki, ACS, HMS, TR, trio, Kollmorgen, as well as domestic member units such as Xiamen Edina, Shanghai Yuneng power, Foshan Shunde Industrial and information technology research center, have shown their EtherCAT control system, servo drive, motion control, encoder Sensors, R & D tools, interfaces and other EtherCAT master and slave products, with a product number of more than 40 and a product display wall of 8 meters long, are the largest appearance of the ETG joint booth since it participated in the Beijing International Industrial Automation Exhibition, both in terms of the number of participating member units and in terms of the number and types of EtherCAT products, which has attracted extensive attention from visitors

ethercat sets a new performance standard for the field bus technology that does not give the opportunity domain of virus 1. It has a flexible network topology, simple system configuration, and intuitive and simple operation as the field bus system. At the same time, the implementation cost of EtherCAT is low. It is a network communication technology with excellent real-time performance and low cost. In recent years, with the popularization of EtherCAT technology in China and the continuous increase of member units, the scale of ETG joint booth has expanded rapidly, and the participating products will be more abundant. ETG China Representative Office will continue to provide relevant technical support to the majority of member units and work together to promote the development of EtherCAT technology

about EtherCAT

EtherCAT technology is developed by German Beifu company. This technology is an industrial Ethernet communication technology based on Ethernet. It sets new standards for high performance, real-time performance and flexible topology of communication, and can also meet the requirements of users for low cost. EtherCAT is an open technology, which is completely open to any company interested in this technology

ethercat Technology Group (ETG) EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) is an international neutral organization, established in November 2003. End users from many industrial fields and leading automation equipment providers are members of the organization to jointly support, promote and promote the development of EtherCAT technology. At present, ETG has been supported by more than 1600 member companies from 60 countries, and has developed into the largest and fastest-growing Industrial Ethernet Technology Organization in the world. ETG's representative office in China was established in 2007, and the team provides consulting and support services for the research and development of EtherCAT by Chinese companies

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