Charity says Haiti earthquake survivors also have

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Charity says Haiti earthquake survivors also have to deal with dangers of COVID-19 - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

One charity preparing to provide humanitarian relief for Haitians after a 7published_time.2-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on Saturday said COVID-19 will add challenges when it comes to providing shelter for victims left homeless.

According to the Associated Press, the earthquake’s epicentre was around 125 kilometres from the capital of Port-au-Prince. At least 227 people were killed and search-and-rescue missions in the area are ongoing.

ShelterBox, a charity that provides emergency shelter and supplies for families affected by natural disaster and conflict, is still waiting for more details on the severity of the earthquake, which is stronger than the 7The Americans i.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010 that had a death toll of approximately 250,000 people:1622669404284,.

“There’s not a ton of reports from on the ground yet, but what we have heard is that there is a lot of devastation. The death toll is unfortunately expected to continue rising and there’s likely to be a very high humanitarian need,” said Stephanie ChristensenThe attention from a public health crisis that has taken nearly 3 million lives and quashed economies to encourage thinking abou, executive director for ShelterBox Canada2021-04-21T10:03:28.884Z.

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