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Now the house price in big cities is very high. After years of struggle, you can only buy a single apartment. Such a single apartment is generally about 50 square meters. Then how to design a beautiful house type in such a small room? Next, let's take a look at the decoration design effect drawing of single apartment 2018 and what style of single apartment is suitable for

single apartment decoration design drawing 1

the decoration style of this single apartment is very simple, and many people will like it at a glance. The white design in front with light colored wood floors is very coordinated. The selection of bedding gives people a warm home atmosphere. The overall space design is relatively reasonable, fresh and natural

single apartment decoration design figure 2

black and white design will always be the mainstream of house decoration. Whether it's clothes or home decoration, the use of black and white is in full swing. The black wooden floor and background wall are full of modern feeling, which will also look elegant. The overall space design is simple and compact, and you must be very comfortable living

single apartment decoration design drawing III

has such decoration effect drawing attracted you? Does it feel exciting to see it? The decoration of space is more reasonable in design, and the application in color matching is also more in place. The bright room gives people a warm and happy feeling, bright colors, and a sense of vitality

single apartment decoration design drawing 4

this single apartment decoration design effect drawing, I don't know if it's your favorite style, but this is the favorite of Xiaobian. There is a great contrast between the dark floor and the colors of sofa, wall and ground, forming a good contrast and showing a very layered sense. The design of separating the hall from the bedroom by using the display cabinet also ensures the light and ventilation performance of the house, and also ensures the independence of the space

what style is suitable for single apartments

there are many styles suitable for single apartments, such as simple style, mixed style, modern style, etc. I think only the owner of the house can decide what style to use. Now some girls also particularly like clear and natural style decoration. In fact, the pastoral style is also good, which you can refer to

summary: if you also have such a single apartment, how will you decorate it? Are you also thinking about how to choose so many styles? If you want to know what style is suitable for decoration, you might as well look at the renderings in the article. You can refer to the above related sharing about the decoration design effect drawing 2018 of single apartment and what style is suitable for single apartment





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