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The modern simple style design looks simple, but it has certain space practicality and flexibility


modern simple style design looks simple, but it has certain space practicality and flexibility. Stanley home in the United States customized products according to the needs of customers and the living space of the room, so that the functional space between the rooms can penetrate each other, so as to maximize the use of space

this set of modern and simple style whole house design, furniture is Qiaoyu + warm white, covering five spaces: living room, dining room, study, master bedroom and secondary bedroom. It presents a beautiful life from multiple perspectives of beauty, practicality, quality, function, humanization... And brings you a bright and broad living space

living room

Stanley home living room design

the living room highlights the sense of modern fashion with natural and environmentally friendly materials and simple and atmospheric design; The TV cabinet is simple and practical to meet the storage needs of daily life, and the warm white door panel ensures the brightness and cleanliness of the space; The glass door design on the top cabinet adds a sense of personality and fashion; The carpet and chair are full of jumping lemon yellow, which echoes each other in color, and makes the whole living room space more energetic, enthusiastic and full of vitality


Stanley Home Restaurant Design in the United States

the restaurant is separated from the kitchen by a door, and the sliding door design increases the sense of fashion; The dining side cabinet is integrated into the wine cabinet design, and one cabinet is multi-purpose to create a quality life

master bedroom

American Stanley home bedroom design

modern style bedroom, customized environmental protection and health materials, standard American Stanley high-end hardware, simple, beautiful, stable and reliable, create hard strength of home decoration, easy to use

Stanley home bedroom design

integrated wardrobe and desk, dual-purpose bedroom and work room, which makes full use of space and meets the requirements of householders' diversified lives

secondary bedroom

Stanley home tatami room

tatami + bookcase combination form, combined with the bay window to create a bedroom space integrating leisure, sleep and entertainment, realizing the maximization of functions in the limited space; Qiao elm color cabinet plays a role in harmonizing the overall tone of the space, while the gray carpet on tatami brings a high-level feeling


Stanley home bookcase design

study is a reserve room of knowledge. This bookcase design gives people the feeling of being a little girlish. Warm white, pink and Qiao elm colors are mixed and matched to create a fresh and elegant atmosphere. Items can be classified and stored according to different color blocks, which is very suitable for girls at home and school

2018, if you want to install it, you can install it, and if you want to live, you can live comfortably! This modern simple whole house design has clean colors and practical functions. No matter how long you live, you won't have aesthetic fatigue. Moreover, the decoration cost is also relatively reasonable, which is acceptable to most people. Don't miss it





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