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Today, I'd like to introduce some of the latest background walls for different scenes of livable wooden doors, and provide you with some references. I hope there are some styles you like

maybe many people will wonder why they have invested a lot of money to decorate the house and equipped with tall furniture, but the whole decoration looks a little less interesting

users who pay a little attention to home decoration should know that the root cause of the problem lies on the background wall. To this end, we have collected several new background walls for different scenes, which are currently launched by livable wooden doors, to provide you with some references. I hope you like them

1. TV background wall

the TV background wall in the living room is generally the visual center of the whole space, so the design of its background wall should not only ensure simplicity and practicality, but also not dominate the whole home decoration

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choose the main color tone of the space, adopt concise line design, let the color and line blend with each other, and make the space bloom a rigorous but casual beauty

2. Sofa background wall

sofa background wall is more about showing the owner's quality of life and taste, so it is also regarded as a home facade, paying more attention to personalized design in the design

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the perfect neutral design will not make the space appear stiff. Strong lines and soft colors, just right to the collision of a unique temperament

3. Bedroom background wall

compared with other spaces, the bedroom background wall is an independent space that can show your inner world, and it is also quiet and pure in design

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natural and fresh colors, simple and pure design, like approaching vibrant nature, can taste the freshness and comfort of life all the time

the feeling of home must be comfortable and comfortable, and livable wooden doors are willing to use innovative thinking and exquisite technology to create an ideal home for you




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