Xindi Jiamei entered Xinjiang Korla, Ningxia Yinch

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Xindi Jiamei joined hands with franchisees in the three places to enter Xinjiang, Ningxia and Gansu strongly! Xindi Jiamei's three branches will continue to improve service facilities and build the best wooden door brand in China according to the different needs of consumers

after a series of careful preparations, xindijia meimumen Xinjiang Korla store, Ningxia Yinchuan store and Gansu Jiayuguan store will be grandly opened in the near future. Since then, Xindi jiameimumen will join hands with these three places to join the commercial "Zhenxin" to create a healthy and comfortable home life for local citizens

xindijia meimumen Xinjiang Korla store internal environment

xindijia meimumen Korla store, Yinchuan store and Jiayuguan store all have first-class and pleasant shopping environment, with elegant decoration design, excellent service and humanization; There is a strong cultural atmosphere of Xindi home meimumen. Every detail has been carefully planned to create a good shopping atmosphere for consumers

xindijia meimumen Ningxia Yinchuan store

according to the local market conditions and consumption habits, xindijia meimumen headquarters has determined the most reasonable display products for franchisees, including several classic styles and new products launched this year. These products include the latest technology and technological innovation of xindijia Meimu door, with higher cost performance

xindijia meimumen Gansu Jiayuguan store

at present, with the assistance of xindijia meimumen headquarters, Korla store, Yinchuan store and Jiayuguan store are further improving various facilities and services to ensure the overall image and quality of the franchise store

xindijia Meimu door is produced in Luban's hometown and has profound cultural connotation. Every door has a story. The main consumer group is young and fashionable. They refuse to paint and truly achieve "health and fashion". At the same time, Xindi Jiamei is also one of China's top 30 wooden door enterprises and China's top ten eco door brands. It is a real big brand and a trustworthy brand




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