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“ High temperature drying “ It is the most significant climatic feature of Huaihua in summer, especially in the summer of 2012. In Huaihua, summer has always been the peak of decoration, because many owners want to decorate in summer, they can buy some special electrical appliances and soft decoration during the national day, and then empty the house for a month or two after the completion of the project, and they can move into their new house before the end of the year to have a happy new year. So in the summer decoration trend of Huaihua in full swing, what should our owners and construction personnel pay attention to? For this reason, the reporter specially visited shangikea magic home decoration group, the best home decoration company in Huaihua

manager Tang of Huaihua shangikea Engineering Department warmly received the reporter and talked freely: “ In fact, our company issued the "summer decoration quality and safety manual" to all construction management and operation personnel a month ago. I take this manual to share with you today. I hope that Huaihua home decoration companies and decoration owners can prevent in advance, actively prevent and avoid some quality and safety accidents mentioned in the manual

the first precaution: fire prevention. Due to the high temperature and dry climate in summer, the materials on the construction site should not be stacked too much, and should be placed in a cool place as far as possible to avoid the fire caused by the combustion inside the materials due to the lack of ventilation and high temperature. In addition, electrical appliances and tools during operation shall be kept at a distance from materials as far as possible, and live working shall be kept away from materials as far as possible. It is best to make a reasonable division between working area and material area. In addition, smoking and open flames should be prohibited at indoor construction sites; Inflammables such as paint and thinner should be stored away from the fire source in a cool, ventilated and safe place; The construction site should be cleaned every day to remove wood chips, paint dirt, residues and other combustible materials; Ensure the safety and smoothness of indoor exits; Fire fighting equipment must be equipped; The construction personnel must master the common sense of fire control

the second precaution: waterproof. As the summer rain in Changsha often comes suddenly, the construction site without construction personnel should close the windows near the outer wall to prevent the rain from floating in and causing the decoration materials, finished furniture and floors to absorb water and become invalid. In addition, if rainwater causes ponding on the ground, it will often leak downstairs, which is easy to cause neighborhood disputes

the third precaution: Antivirus. As the main components of paint and waterproof materials are mostly resin organic polymer compounds, such materials often need to be adjusted to the appropriate viscosity with solvent to facilitate construction. These solvents volatilize quickly in summer, and will disperse a large amount in the air, which is easy to become the culprit of workers' poisoning. Therefore, the paint construction site should be equipped with necessary ventilation facilities and protective equipment. In addition, because many decorative materials contain glue components, many glue after curing is very volatile at room temperature, but it will become volatile at high temperature, which is easy to cause indoor VOC to exceed the standard

the fourth prevention: prevent heatstroke. Due to the heavy physical work of decoration, the poor working environment and the hot and dry weather, it is easy to cause heatstroke of construction personnel. Therefore, operators should actively create a clean and hygienic construction environment, pay attention to indoor ventilation, and avoid working at noon and working for more than 4 hours. In addition, operators should drink more cold water and take some heatstroke prevention drugs such as Rendan and Huoxiang Zhengqi water with them for prevention

the fifth prevention: prevent quality accidents. The high temperature in summer is caused by the construction “ Empty drum, “ Burn out, “ Falling off, “ Cracks and other quality accidents are the culprits. In many decoration sites, such phenomena emerge one after another. The manual specially emphasizes that when plastering large floor tiles or leveling the ground, a small amount of wet water must be applied to the ground first, and then cement mortar must be applied after wetting the ground. Water must be applied in the first three days after leveling the ground or pasting large floor tiles, and the water application shall not be less than 3 times a day, so as to prevent the surface layer from burning out due to high temperature; When plasterers paste wall tiles, they must let the tiles soak in water for a long time (more than 2 hours), and apply water on the wall before paving, so as to prevent the wall from absorbing water too fast and too much, resulting in the deformation of the tiles; During the paint construction, because the paint wall paint volatilizes rapidly under high temperature, the construction personnel should immediately roll and spray after adjusting the paint to prevent the storage time from affecting the construction quality





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