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In recent years, China's plastic machinery industry has developed to a position comparable to that of the international counterparts. However, the market is the market. Even the major policy of China's plastic machinery has not been realized, and its utilization is becoming more and more common, and the price difference with foreign counterparts is still increasing

the plastic machinery industry is one of the industries that have been required by the market to become a service-oriented industry at the beginning, but not a production-oriented manufacturing industry. It is precisely because of this nature. However, those leading industries' compliance with the same type of plastics, as well as their personality and what they can manage, are by no means clear to our industry. Since the plastic machine modified plastic industry is to supply equipment for the above-mentioned industries. Then it is important that I provide him with incomplete plans to plan for his important and potential needs

Changshu national high tech Industrial Development Zone is located in the core area of the three corners of the Yangtze River. Today, China's plastic machinery skills are at the starting line of competition with the booming countries in terms of environmental protection, energy conservation and sustainable research. The gap is not obvious. Foreign enterprises are about to get rid of this scale. Taking this as an opportunity to reclaim the high-end market and rely on high-tech products to change China's plastic machinery working methods: V and ω It is synonymous with the situation in "2.1" that the industry is big but not strong, so as to enhance the helping force in the international market

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