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Plastic machine manufacturers are keen on energy-saving machines

npe2009 may become the "greenest" NPE exhibition in history. In response to the desire of processing enterprises to reduce excess costs, machinery manufacturers all take improving energy efficiency and energy saving as their selling points

Officials from the major injection molding machine manufacturers of kraussmaffei Corp. (Part 1) and ABG Corp. (Part 1) said that the deterioration of the economic environment is prompting processing enterprises to change their ideas. The ambitious goal of US President Barack Obama to make the United States a pioneer in green technology is another driving factor

in the United States, the power cost in New England and California has always been the highest, so the processing enterprises in these regions are very concerned about themselves. We have a good control over the power consumption of the supporting parts of motor vehicles. Electricity in the Midwest industrial areas of the United States, which mainly rely on coal-fired power plants, is cheaper. But that is likely to change, as the government has classified carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas - a move that could drive up the price of coal-fired power generation

On April 17, the United States Environmental Protection Agency announced that carbon dioxide and several other greenhouse gases were listed as substances with serious damage to public health. US President Barack Obama has proposed to establish an open market through the cap and trade system for enterprises to buy and sell emission quotas

energy has become a top priority for the U.S. government. Similarly, it will become a major theme of the NPE exhibition held at the McCormick Exhibition Center in Chicago, Illinois, in June

even so, many plastic processing enterprises have always regarded energy as a fuzzy point in the management cost. David Bernardi from Ube Machinery Inc. (Booth No. s32039) called it an "energy psychology phenomenon". Processing enterprises will carefully review the cost of resin, labor and purchased parts, but greatly ignore the energy cost as a separate cost category - they just pay the electricity bill mechanically once a month

but Bernardi and other machinery industry officials say that molders are paying more attention to energy use. Most entrepreneurs expect that in the long run, energy prices will only develop in one direction

Bernardi, senior sales and marketing manager of UBE company headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, said: "in the future, energy costs will not fall. This part of costs will only continue to increase, and you can't eliminate it.

bill Duff, national sales manager of Negri Bossi USA Inc. (Booth No. s50020), headquartered in New Castle, Pennsylvania, said: "[energy] is crucial to some parts of the United States. However, I think the whole industry has realized that energy costs will only get higher and higher in the future." The Janus machine that Negri Bossi will launch on NPE is a hybrid machine. The energy regeneration system equipped with it will store the power when the fixture slows down in each cycle, and complete the tensile, peel, tear, shrinkage and other mechanical property tests of the sample for reuse later

David Purcell, injection molding machinery manager of Wittmann Battenfeld Inc. (Booth No. S42000) headquartered in Torrington, Connecticut, said that energy saving is an "important topic" in the plastic industry at present

purcell said: "under the adverse economic environment, enterprises are trying their best to reduce all manufacturing costs. Therefore, it is very important to save overall costs by saving electricity or other utilities used in the manufacturing process. No doubt, every single cost stream in the manufacturing process has become an important cost reduction object."

Friedrich kanz, President of ABG (Booth No. s46048), also agreed. He said: "I think there is a lot of room for enterprises to save costs. As long as we seriously start thinking and do our homework, we will find that a large part of the costs can be cut. Therefore, the topic of energy is very important."

on NPE, ABG will launch allrounder plastic machine, which includes two types of all electric and hydraulic models, and a hybrid plastic machine named ALLROUNDER H (i.e. hidrive). This machine combines electric and hydraulic parts and can save 40% energy

machinery industry managers say that one of the problems is that it is difficult to count the actual power consumption of each equipment. Purcell said: "this is a vague area. No one knows the exact number, so it has become the most neglected item in the cost refinement review."

all 11 injection molding machine industry officials interviewed by this report believe that customers pay more and more attention to energy-saving data when purchasing mining machines. Craig Reynolds, the pet system business manager of Husky Injection Molding Systems Co., Ltd. (Booth No. s36009), headquartered in Bolton, Ontario, Canada, said: "in general, energy saving is undoubtedly becoming an increasingly important purchase standard, because it is one of the factors in the cost control of molders, and it is a part that can make a difference."

he said that it is not easy to calculate the power consumption cost of each injection molding machine. You must take into account all relevant factors - including the costs of product handling, dryers, heating and air conditioning systems, etc. "You have to think it over and see if you can get the benefit of reducing costs," he said

reynolds revealed that husky has made great efforts to help plastic machine customers update their old machines, so as to improve productivity and energy efficiency

of course, in terms of promoting energy conservation, all electric plastic machine suppliers naturally want to hype up the energy-saving efficiency of their machines, saying that they are much higher than hydraulic machines. This statement has aroused opposition from a few enterprises that have not yet produced all electric machines, including husky and boy machines Inc. (booth number s50054)

Tom Geddes, the national sales manager of MHI injection molding machinery Inc. (Booth No. s32060), a Mitsubishi plastic machinery seller headquartered in bensenville, Illinois, said: "the number of all electric machines on display at this NPE will be greatly increased. The driving factor is naturally low energy consumption."

boy company will exhibit its latest E-Series energy-saving plastic machine at NPE 2009. The hydraulic pump is driven by servo hydraulic motor. The motor only transmits power to the hydraulic pump when necessary, and stops power supply when no water pump operation is required. Boy, headquartered in exon, Pennsylvania, USA, will demonstrate the operation of these parts on a 90E plastic machine with a 99 ton clamping force

boy company said that compared with the standard hydraulic pump of boy company, the new pump can save 50% electricity and reduce 20% noise

Robert Koch, President of boy company, predicted that no matter what measures the government takes, the whole industry will inevitably develop in a more energy-saving direction. "Consumers are very changeable, but enterprises have different ideas. The current economic climate requires enterprises to be more environmentally friendly and efficient. Therefore, no matter what the government's policies and the trend of oil prices, they will continue on the road of energy conservation," he said

are manufacturing enterprises taking practical actions to help improve the environment or cut costs

Jerry Johnson, general manager of Toyo injection molding machine of markua USA Inc. (Booth No. s18014), headquartered in Rockaway, New Jersey, said: "customers value different [aspects] when purchasing machinery: is this machine conducive to the environment? Can it save money for themselves and improve the quality of parts?"

in this regard, Bob Columbus, sales manager of JSW Plastics Machinery Inc. (Booth No. s52010), said that this is an old cliche: "I don't think customers will value environmental protection. What they most value is to improve efficiency and productivity and help them use less electricity."

however, Stephan braig, CEO of Engel Machinery Inc. (Booth No. s24000), headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, believes that environmental protection publicity has its own impact


braig said:" large retailers like Wal mart are becoming more and more strict, requiring their supply chains to minimize their carbon footprint. Even some auto companies have the same trend. "

in some states with higher electricity charges, power supply companies will provide refunds to customers who purchase all electric plastic machines. Peter Gardner, sales director of Niigata (s12056) plastic machine of DJK global group, headquartered in wood Dale, Illinois, said that sometimes the refund amount is enough to make up for the price difference between the all electric plastic machine and the hydraulic machine

gardner said that we can see about energy saving every day, such as plug-in cars, solar power generation and wind power generation. "The importance of energy conservation is becoming increasingly apparent," he said

the American Plastics Industry Association will promote the green future of plastics on NPE. With the support of the office of energy efficiency and renewable energy of the U.S. Department of energy, energy, sustainability, bioplastics and nanocomposites will be featured in an emerging technology Pavilion at NPE

paul Caprio, President of kraussmaffei Corp. (booth s36000), said: "there is a great interest in biodegradable products." He disclosed that the company, headquartered in Florence, Kentucky, would deliver an injection molding machine to a customer for laboratory testing of biological resins

kraussmaffei company will exhibit its ax all electric plastic machine at NPE. The company said that compared with hydraulic press, the machine can save 60% energy

at present, all electric machines account for about half of the injection molding machine market in the United States. However, Caprio said that power consumption is only one factor in the total cost of parts, accounting for about 10%. Kraussmaffei always keeps an open mind when recommending applicable technology types to customers

caprio said: "I take packaging as an example. The personal experience of some of our customers has proved that the most efficient machine in the market in terms of high productivity is still the hydraulic press, because the power consumption of the hydraulic press is calculated according to the processing product per kilogram."

braig said that in recent years, Engel has paid great attention to product development in energy saving

26. He said, "the market is increasingly interested in energy-saving products. We find that customers now pay more attention to the cost of ownership of injection molding machines than ever before", including long-term expenditures beyond the purchase price

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