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The "plastic restriction order" has doubled the sales of garbage bags in supermarkets.

in the past, our family always used the free plastic bags obtained during shopping in the supermarket as garbage bags. Now the plastic bags in the supermarket cost money, and the garbage bags can only be purchased out of their own pockets. Ms. minlin, a city in Jinan province, who is picking garbage bags, told me. Like Ms. Lin, the implementation of the plastic restriction order has touched the nerves of many people. Before the plastic restriction, the sales of special garbage bags that few people cared about began to increase significantly, and the sales of garbage bags in some shopping malls even doubled

the plastic bags sold in supermarkets cost at least 0.2 yuan, while the average garbage bag is only a few points. The allowable error of the indentation measuring device should be adjusted. It is more cost-effective to buy a special garbage bag. Many consumers are careful. In a large supermarket on Lishan Road, I saw that there were nearly 20 kinds of garbage bags in the mall, large and small, with different colors and styles. The price also ranges from 2 yuan to more than 10 yuan per bundle

the use of shopping plastic bags has decreased sharply after charging, and our store has reduced by nearly 70%. Although the farmers' market still uses ultra-thin plastic bags, many plastic bags are too poor to be reused as garbage bags. To some extent, these conditions have promoted the growth of household garbage bag consumption. Recently, the sales of special garbage bags in our store have doubled compared with those before the plastic limit. Mr. Wang, the person in charge of a supermarket in Jinan, said

it was found in the interview that although the small traders in the farmers' market are still using ultra-thin plastic bags, they are obviously not as generous as before the plastic restriction. We can't buy such plastic bags in the future. Almost every stall owner refused to give customers another layer of plastic bags

now our family is still using this kind of ultra-thin plastic bag obtained by buying vegetables. Due to its poor quality, we can only use more than one of them as garbage bags. Now the vendors don't give more, which is not enough. We have to buy special garbage bags in the future. Ms. Zhang, who is shopping, told me

in addition to the research and production of biomaterials by caixinda, the heads of many supermarkets in Jinan agreed that if the plastic restriction order can be strictly implemented in the farmers' market in the future, the sales of garbage bags will continue to rise

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