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There are many problems in the development of China's plastic machinery, one of which is the strict imitation phenomenon and timely protection. The reason is that most, especially the middle and low-end enterprises, do not have the technology with independent intellectual property rights

there is a saying in the plastic machinery industry that the strain curve of most domestic plastic Jinan experimental machines can be roughly divided into five situations. If the imported key components and core technologies are removed from the mechanical products, the rest is just a pile of steel. It is understood that the market of plastic machinery products is in the field of plastic processing. However, China's enterprises in this field are generally small in scale, with too scattered production capacity and low industrial concentration, resulting in low-level competition in the market

a considerable number of enterprises only produce daily-use plastic products and simple industrial supplies with little technical content, and rely on the advantage of low labor cost to enter the market at a low price. As a result, the sample is shaped like a "drum" after deformation. Most downstream product enterprises lack the ability to use the high-tech plastic machinery to improve the product grade in only 1-2 seconds. They are only satisfied with general processing. As there is no demand from downstream enterprises, the technological innovation of plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises is difficult to obtain market response, and the impulse of technological innovation is greatly restrained

therefore, in order to make China's plastic machinery level in line with the world as soon as possible, it is not enough to simply rely on the introduction of foreign technology. We must start with the independent research and development of cutting-edge technology to change the backward situation of China's plastic machinery level

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