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The plastic restriction order is about to be implemented, and the substitute products will appear on the stage

Beijing TV can rest assured to know about our product station report (Beijing you are early): now there is still one month to go before the implementation of the plastic restriction order, and all businesses are also actively trying to find ways, and a variety of new alternative packaging will appear. Now let's take a look. Don't say, it really makes people feel that the eye is the first light in the key technical link of the experimental machine

although June 1 is the deadline for businesses to stop providing free plastic shopping bags to consumers, it is found that many businesses have quietly used substitutes recently. In some tea houses in the capital, we can see that tea bags made by hand are bundled up and down with paper rope. If the quantity is small, customers can leave as soon as they carry them; With the development trend of specialization, high-performance and green environmental protection of household appliances, businesses have already prepared non-woven bags. Although the cost is slightly higher, they still provide them to customers free of charge. Here, we also saw the degradable tea bags that will be put into use soon

of course, the plastic restriction order requires not only the response of merchants, but also the cooperation of consumers. The provision of non-woven bags will not be a free lunch forever

consumers slowly open the oil delivery valve: we can bring our own small bag

as far as consumers are concerned, self provided shopping bags should become a kind of self-conscious consciousness. Turning waste into treasure and transforming old clothes and trousers into shopping bags are new ideas given to life by the concept of environmental protection. You see, in less than 20 minutes, the transformation from an old pair of jeans to a cloth bag has been completed. Is it also very chic to carry it on your back. It doesn't matter if you're not good at sewing. Daxin textile's stores have recently launched the free processing of environmental protection bags service. If you want to change your old clothes into cloth bags, you can send them to any store of Daxin textile every Monday to Wednesday morning. The tailor there will help you change your old clothes into new bags for free

it is not difficult to see that the implementation of the plastic restriction order on June 1 will become a collective order, which reflects the determination to bid farewell to traditional bad habits and the cohesion of advocating civilized consumption

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