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China's plastic machines can also carry out automatic control experiments of constant speed loading and constant speed displacement, and there is still a market gap of 10 billion yuan per year.

according to incomplete calculation, excluding the export of domestic plastic machines, China's plastic machines still have a market gap of 10 billion yuan per year. However, this is not because the output of China's plastic machines is insufficient. It is an indisputable fact in the industry that a large number of low-precision small injection molding machines, extruders and blow molding machines are fighting a price war due to sales difficulties. So why is there a market gap of 10 billion yuan? The core issue is probably technology

in recent years, the annual growth rate of China's plastic machinery industry has been around 30%, which is one of the fastest growing industries in China's machinery industry. Statistics show that China imports tens of thousands of sets of plastic machines every year, and the unit price of imported precision plastic machines is usually several times or even ten times higher than that of domestic products. As domestic plastic machines can hardly compete with imported Japanese and European products in terms of efficiency, precision and stability, almost all the large, high-speed, precision and specialized equipment fields are occupied by imported goods. At the same time, By first "NASA's cooperation with the industrial sector has taken the path of resource-saving development in the market and other factors. In 2005, China's plastic machine output showed a negative growth, down 5.39% from the previous year.

at present, the high-speed and ultra precision injection molding machine is also a relatively high-level technology, which is mainly used to produce high-precision plastic parts and various precision micro plastic parts, such as optical discs, lenses, light guide plates, sensors, etc. the forming of digital optical discs is of special significance, representing The highest level of precision injection molding at present. It requires not only high product precision (such as DVD9) and stable quality, but also high efficiency, fast speed, high cleanliness and good optical performance, which can not be met by traditional injection molding machines or even general precision injection molding machines

at the 15th China International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition in 2001, Japan Steel Institute, Toshiba, FANUC, Toyo Seiji, Germany negribossi, Battenfeld, Italy Mir, Austria Engel, Switzerland net star and other companies all exhibited their all electric precision injection molding machines, which has a great potential to replace other structures. However, only one year later, at the 16th China International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition held in Shanghai at the end of June 2002, the precision injection molding machines launched by European manufacturers were basically all hydraulic. Although the Japanese manufacturers mainly introduce the all electric type, one company has launched the electro-hydraulic composite precision injection molding machine. Cincinnati company of the United States also launched an electro-hydraulic composite precision injection molding machine

this shows that foreign advanced plastic machine manufacturers have obvious competitive advantages in technology, and the lack of technology is seriously affecting the development of China's plastic machine industry. In some areas of China's plastic machinery products, imported equipment plays a leading role, such as China's heat-resistant PET bottle production equipment, optical disc production equipment, medium and high-end car plastic cover equipment, precision electronic parts production equipment, and ceramic injection molding machines for precision ceramic components, which can realize all automobile weight reduction and magnetic injection molding machines for producing neodymium boron electronic components. Almost all of them are imported equipment. In addition, the production equipment of high-grade film or special engineering plastic products is also the world of imported production lines

while the number of imported plastic machines in China is increasing, the export of domestic plastic machines is also increasing. According to a staff member of Quanzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau, 2005 was the fastest year for the export of injection molding machines in China. The export volume of some manufacturers accounted for 20%-30% of the total production, but the total export value was less than 10% of the total import value. Moreover, most of China's exported products entered developing countries

with the development of injection molding machine industry in China or surrounding areas, China's export advantage will soon disappear. Therefore, China's plastic machinery industry still needs to use technology to improve product quality

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