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"Plastic restriction" turns into "plastic selling" supermarket into a winner

by the end of this week, the plastic restriction order has been implemented for five years. In recent years, at this time, reports about the failure of plastic restrictions are not uncommon. Recently, it was reported that an organization called the International Food Packaging Association launched an investigation into the Beijing market on the implementation of the plastic restriction order. The results show that the use of plastic bags has been reduced by only 10% in the past five years, with little effect. Some people question whether the plastic restriction order has long existed in name only. How about the production and circulation of plastic bags in Nanjing? Over the past few days, the Modern Express has made a visit

the plastic limit has been imposed for five years

now it exists in name only

the general office of the State Council issued a plastic restriction order in January 2008, stipulating that the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025mm shall be prohibited nationwide from June 1 of the same year. In all supermarkets, shopping malls, bazaars and other retail places, plastic shopping bags shall not be provided free of charge

yesterday, many interviewees said that in the past five years, the most impressed by this rule is: when shopping in the supermarket, you should bring some coins, and you can buy plastic bags as you like; Shopping in the vegetable market, all kinds of plastic bags are free of charge. As for whether the ultra-thin bags are provided free of charge by businesses in violation of regulations, for many citizens, who cares about these as long as they don't spend more money? The plastic restriction aimed at guiding people to reduce and reject the use of plastic bags makes China need the emergence of a new political leader with courage and a sense of mission, perseverance and sagacity, to exist in name only in the market


in the vegetable market, plastic bags are free

at more than 3 p.m. yesterday, in the yangpi Lane vegetable market, Hongwu North Road, Nanjing, a vendor selling bean products was busy. There was a stack of plastic bags in front of the stall. When a customer came, she cut the tofu, and then skillfully took and bagged it. When asked where she bought these bags, she was a little puzzled by the question. These plastic bags were sent by someone else. Just type them when necessary

as for the specification and thickness of these plastic bags, she doesn't know anything, let alone what is the plastic restriction order. In the market, the same question, different vendors, modern express almost get the same answer. Few people know that their behavior of providing free plastic bags and loading vegetables for customers was banned as early as five years ago

one stall owner said that they usually use a stack of 70 or 80 plastic bags. They can buy a stack for only 1.5 yuan. If you spend another 30 cents, you can buy something a little thicker. When business is good, this kind of bag can use up about 50 a day. In addition to the white bags, many colorful bags can be seen in the vegetable market. After obtaining the consent of the stall owner, I carefully observed these colorful bags and found no signs of manufacturers and production specifications on them. Compared with the shopping bag with a thickness of 0.027mm used in supermarkets, this kind of bag is much thinner, which is difficult to meet the requirements of no less than 0.025mm

limit plastic into selling plastic

supermarket becomes a big winner

in a supermarket in Xinjiekou, I noticed that not many customers would carry shopping bags with them, and most of them offered to buy plastic bags. After 10 minutes' observation near the cash register, it was found that some elderly people refused to use plastic bags or bring their own shopping bags. Younger customers will basically ask for another plastic bag. A cashier said that when the plastic restriction order was first issued, many citizens would take the initiative to carry some environmental protection bags. Now, there are obviously fewer people who bring their own shopping bags

what is the impact on supermarkets when plastic bags are changed from free to paid? It is learned that the sales volume of plastic bags in a large supermarket in the west of the city has been stable. In the past year, 3000 plastic bags can be sold here every day, 90000 in a month, and more than one million in a year. The plastic bags provided by the supermarket are mainly medium-sized and large-sized, with prices of 2 cents and 3 cents respectively. It is conservatively estimated that the turnover of plastic bags in this supermarket will be 200000 a year. Before the plastic restriction, these plastic bags were free to customers. Now, bags have become paid, and there are still many people who can pay for them. The promulgation of the plastic restriction order not only did not leave plastic bags in the cold, but also made supermarkets that have been providing plastic bag sales a big winner. For example, the supermarket in the west of the city can earn an extra 200000 yuan a year just from the sale of plastic bags. A person in the supermarket industry said that because of the high prices, people can buy hundreds of things at once. They don't care about spending twoorthree cents more on bags

sales situation

the wholesale market sells ultra-thin plastic bags

a wholesale market on Jianning road gathers a number of stores that wholesale and retail plastic bags. In small shops, there are stacks of rolled bags for people to choose from. In front of a small shop, the modern express said after a round that these plastic bags placed at the eye of the test results of mechanical properties such as tensile strength are not what they want. Is there any kind of ultra-thin plastic bag that can be directly used for food

a shopkeeper listened, turned around and touched a woven bag under the counter, and then took out a stack of soft white plastic bags, which are the thinnest, 1 silk on one side, 1.5 yuan per bag, a bag of sixorseven. What is single side 1 silk? He explained that one silk is 0.01 mm, which is also the thickness of one side of the bag. This kind of bag is 0.015 mm thinner than the national standard of no less than 0.025 mm

in another store, the shopkeeper took out a thinner and cheaper plastic bag: 1 yuan a stack, the quantity is about the same as that of 1.5 yuan, but its thickness is not even 1 silk. If you want more, you can make it cheaper. He said

modern fast testing is fast. When measuring, the test piece is placed vertically on the torque plate and reported. I visited many stores and found that all the merchants selling plastic bags have this kind of ultra-thin plastic bag. It feels much thinner than a bag just over 0.025mm thick bought in the supermarket

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