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Innovation leads the industry of automatic instruments and meters

intelligent actuator is each joint responsible for accurate operation of brain instructions. Xiang Xiaobo, chairman of China Silian group, made this image metaphor in the field of industrial automation, which is unfamiliar to ordinary people. The overall process of industrial automation is like a human body with thinking and coordination ability. The actuator of chuanyizao, which undertakes the joint parts, can make hands and feet move freely and strength freely according to the instructions of the brain

in recent years, Sichuan Instrument actuator branch of China Silian group has led the technological development of automation instrument industry through introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation. At the just concluded 2012 Hannover Industrial Expo, Silian group participated for the first time and became one of the 13 enterprises representing the highest technological level in China. Among them, the actuator made by Sichuan yizao stood out from tens of thousands of high-tech exhibits and was praised by end users and peers

keep improving and catch up from behind

the development process from innovation to import, and the qualification rate higher than import is more than 99%. Fourth, it also helps the whole industry to develop in the direction of social specialization and cooperation. By formulating the development roadmap of key varieties, chuanyizao actuator of Lianhe group has realized the transformation from following to leading. There is no shortcut to the innovation of the real industry, which depends on perseverance. Wu Yu, general manager of Chuanyi actuator branch, was very impressed

industrial automation instruments and meters account for a small proportion in the manufacturing industry of Chongqing, but due to its own high-tech content and the multiplier benefits brought to industrial production, it affects the quality of national industrial development. Before the overall strength still lags far behind that of multinational companies in the same industry, Sichuan Instrument Corporation took the intelligent actuator as the strategic focus of benchmarking and catching up with world-class products, and learned from ABB, the top-notch enterprise in the industry. However, the difficulty of following up is far beyond imagination, and even once dragged the company into a dilemma

quality must be guaranteed first. By analyzing the reasons and problems, the company puts a good management system, production methods and communication mechanism in the whole industrial chain to control, so that the quality of products can be guaranteed. At the same time, continuous efforts have been made to overcome advanced technology, so that Chuanyi actuator finally surpassed abb and became the global leader in this field. Our products are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, water conservancy, water treatment, environmental protection, new energy, etc. our products can be applied to almost all fields except Petrochemical hosts and products with high explosion-proof requirements. Said Ye Rongzheng, deputy chief sales engineer of Chongqing Chuanyi actuator branch. Last month, in the procurement catalogue of PetroChina energy No. 1, Chuanyi actuator branch became the only class a supplier in the industry

in the future, we will build world-class products

due to the existence of Chongqing Chuanyi, foreign companies cannot seek huge profits in the automation instrument industry. Now our level has exceeded the quality of foreign products, and the price is half of theirs. In fact, the whole advantage is reflected. Wu Yu said that although the current industrial automation instruments and meters are in a very competitive time, the actuator made by Sichuan Instrument still accounts for 15% of the market, ranking first in China according to the existing data

according to the introduction, in recent years, Sichuan Instrument actuator branch has closely followed the world's cutting-edge technology trend, realized the application of advanced technologies such as product function modularization and operation state visualization, and developed to products with special environmental suitability such as environmental protection, new energy and nuclear power, and has taken the lead in market applications in various fields

for the future development plan, the goal of Chuanyi actuator branch is to create several world-class products. World class products are reflected in two aspects. One is to have a world-class market, that is, to radiate the foreign market. After the exhibition in Hannover, some manufacturers took the initiative to agent products that enter the European market with the brand of Sichuan Instrument. In the Southeast Asian market, we have adopted two ways, one is to borrow a boat to go to sea, and the other is to enter directly. We have set up an office in India to promote our entire product outward through two ways. Wu Yu said. In addition, the leading technology and management can effectively filter the smoke and make the smoke emitted white. It is a state-owned enterprise. To lead the development of this actuator industry and drive the development of the whole industrial chain through development, we believe that the future competition is not only the competition of products, but also the competition around the whole industrial chain. This is what we are doing. If our products enter the world market, our entire industrial chain should also be. 2. The constant temperature medium box is mainly composed of box, circulating pump, heater, condenser and temperature control system, reaching the world-class level

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