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Innovation leads Heyun rubber to open the door of export

this year, the competition in the rubber market is more intense than in previous years, and the demand for rubber in downstream areas is also decreasing due to the impact of exports. The difficult market environment makes the rubber sales of Panjin Heyun Industrial Group Co., Ltd. significantly lower than last year. No waiting, no waiting, and the efforts of Heyun opened another door: rubber products have achieved the foreign market. Later, they further developed a 3D printing wire brand refil with recycled plastics as raw materials, with a zero breakthrough! It has been exported to the United States, South Korea and Thailand, and is currently developing markets in the Middle East and India

"compared with the severe market situation, it is a good start!" Wang Xiangyun, the sales director of Heyun group, has rich experience in rubber product marketing. She said that although the current export volume is small, with the recognition and understanding of enterprise products in foreign markets, the future market space is very large

butyl rubber and halogenated butyl rubber are mainly used to produce automobile tires and bottle stoppers, and they are the two leading products of Heyun group. Two years ago, in order to lengthen the industrial chain, the enterprise introduced all 60000 tons of butyl rubber and 30000 tons of halogenated butyl rubber devices with Russian technology, and 175 steel plate stamping fasteners were successfully commissioned at one time, with product indicators reaching the international advanced level. Among them, halogenated butyl rubber plant has become the first domestic production plant built and put into operation within this year, while halogenated butyl rubber project has filled the gap in domestic industry and broken the long-term monopoly of foreign products on China's market

at that time, the halogenated butyl rubber was 50000 yuan per ton, and the profit was very considerable, while the domestic demand for halogenated butyl rubber reached 250000 tons. The relevant person in charge of the group said, "at that time, I felt very optimistic about the future."

it's difficult to find the door when you are optimistic about the market: because you don't consider the particularity of rubber products, the market recognition time is long, and the customer's inspection cycle of products is one year at the fastest, or two years at the slowest; After the butyl rubber of Heyun group is put into production, it will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the extruder industry to catch up with the market downturn, and the price has fallen sharply, now less than 20000 yuan per ton; In addition, the use of rubber in the automotive tire and pharmaceutical industries in the downstream sector declined, which eventually led to the sales difficulties of rubber products

the more difficult it is, the more it needs to persist and break through

"we carry out upgrading and transformation while producing, improve quality through technological innovation, meet European and American advanced product standards, and expand the market with quality." The person in charge of production and technological innovation of Heyun group is full of confidence

while improving quality, we should strictly control production costs. While being recognized by the domestic market, we should also pay close attention to overseas markets. Wang Xiangyun said, "we should take the strength of the group to expand the market. As long as it is the employment in the sales field, the company will always give full support, and we will not let go of any exhibition, network and other marketing channels."

At the same time, the company has successively established offices and corresponding warehouses in Shanghai, Qingdao and other places, creating favorable conditions for product export

in order to explore the international market as soon as possible, in terms of sales mode, HOYUN group adopts the strategy of "going out, please come in": participate in major tire exhibitions at home and abroad, take the initiative to go out and visit foreign markets, so that the company's product image and market awareness are greatly improved; While being recognized by the foreign market, we should pay attention to the communication and cooperation with customers - actively invite foreign customers to visit the company and establish a cooperation mechanism

pay always pays off, and the door of the foreign market is finally knocked open! Although the current export volume is small, it has paved a way for enterprises in trouble

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